December Is Here!!! 7 Foods To Avoid While Traveling

Hey yo KOKOfoodies, December is here, whaoooooo!!! I’m glad we all made it to this final month of this very trying year. It’s been such a ride without travels or plenty plans, just safety, living and passing each day without getting killed by either the deadly COVID-19 or security officials as it is in Nigeria. Thank you for staying glued to us through it all!
Now that December is here and everyone is rushing to take advantage of the season, a lot still have travelling in their plans, and may want to explore foods and places they haven’t been able to since the beginning of the year. So today, we won’t be serving the KOKO recipe as we’ve been doing but looking at 7 foods to avoid while traveling in order to be in sound health when you arrive at your destination.travelApples & Berries
As a rule of thumb, any fresh produce without a protective skin that you first must peel off before consuming is not a good idea, especially while travelling. Since local water is often not safe to drink, consuming food that has been washed in this water is also unsafe. Apples & Berries are typical examples of fresh produce that should be avoided at all costs while travelling. The only time that you should ever consider eating an apple is when you can wash it yourself with safe drinking water. And to minimize your risk of contagion, be sure to peel it, too.Raw foods
Pay attention to this rule if you’re planning on traveling to a place with a lot of pollution. As fruits and vegetables are harder to keep clean the lower they grow to the ground. If you’re craving a salad with fresh vegetables, opt for packaged items that have not been exposed to any water. But beware: purchasing fruits and vegetables that have already been pre-cut in the supermarket means that preparers have already cleaned the fruit with local water, which may be unsafe to consume.
Ice cream
Similar to other frozen foods, unfortunately, this item is best left untouched. Avoid ice cream immediate before traveling and while traveling. Never buy ice cream from small stands with no one in line—this is a definite red flag. In order to avoid running stomach, ensure to with hold your crave for ice cream till you get to your destination.
Meanwhile I leave you with Harsha, The Moroccan Semolina Bread, Our Food Item From Last Weekend
Food From Empty Restaurant
While travelling, run the opposite direction when you see an empty restaurant. If the restaurant is empty even during peak hours, there’s probably a reason—and you shouldn’t stick around to find out what that reason may be. Head to restaurants that have an international or national following, or are popular with the locals. Unlike street vendors, you can’t actually watch the cooks prepare your food.
Tap Water
If you need to use local water, make sure you boil it beforehand. The following countries are known to have the worst drinking water in the world: Mexico, Congo, Pakistan, Ghana, Nepal, Cambodia, Nigeria, China, Russia, Turkey, and the entire continent of South America.Street Food
In countries like Thailand and Mexico, street vendors have remained an essential part of the culture and cuisine. However, while much of the food offered on the street is perfectly safe, there are certain risks that can be avoided with shrewd attention to detail. While trying to pick out food on the street, there are a few things to look out for. For one, how clean is the stall? If there are bits of food and trash in the stall, get your meal elsewhere. Next, how many people are in line? If there are men, women, and children grabbing food from the vendor, then it’s probably safe. And finally, if any of the meat offered at the stall is not being covered by the cook, then that increases the likelihood that the food is contaminated.Bushmeat
Bushmeat—local game like bats, monkeys, or rodents—is a no-go. Research shows these animals often contain diseases like Ebola or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which, at their worst, can be life-threatening. If you’re browsing through the meat selection during your travel, it’s always a good idea to ask what it is that you’re eating first.Photo Credit: Getty

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