Travel: 5 Places To Visit In Mauritius

Many people are quite ignorant of the memorable experience that can be gotten from a trip to the South-Eastern county of Mauritius in Africa.

MauritiusThe country boasts of some of the best beaches, museums, parks, shopping centres, islands and other such places in the continent.

To help you navigate the centres that hold your interest easily, here are 5 of our favorite spots to check out in Mauritius.

1. Port Louis WaterfrontIt is also known as the Le Caudan Waterfront. It is located in a development area in the Capital of the country. There are a number of shop expansion located beside the waterfront, including restaurants, hotel, movie theatres and other facilities.

2. The Belle Mare Plage BeachThe beach is surrounded by a lagoon and coral reefs which cut off the lagoon from the bay. The bay also allows for snorkeling, an activity for which it is very famous.

3. Ile aux Cerfs IslandIt is also known as Deer Island, and is a private island located near the east coast of Mauritius. While there are no deers left, the spot is great and renowned for its beaches , laggons and hotels.

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4. Black River Gorges National ParkThis national park is the residence of a number of wildlife species and tropical rainforests. If you love nature, then this should be your go-to location. If you also love hiking around nature, then prepare yourself for the adventure this place offers.

5. Seven Coloured Earth Of ChamarelApart from having some of the best beaches and island, it has some of the strangest sites in the world, one of which is the Seven-Coloured Earth or the Terres de 7 Couleurs.Photo Credit: Instagram

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