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Travel: 5 Places To Visit In Ethiopia With Your Family

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When it comes to vacation matters most family are always bothered about what country they need to visit and have their best time. No look further because Ethiopia is the answer.

Ethiopia is located on the Horn of Africa, in the east of the continent. The country lost its access to the Red Sea in 1992. Today KOKO TV brings you top 5 places to visit in Ethiopia with your family.

1. Adigrat: Adigrat is an ideal stopping point en-route from Axum to Mekele. Although the town itself is nothing special, a new lodge has recently opened on the outskirts of town, which is a comfortable base to explore the rock churches for which the Tigray region is famed.

2. Awash National Park: This scenic national park is situated in the dry acacia savanna of the Rift Valley some 200km from Addis Ababa. A magnificent 150m-deep gorge, carved by the Awash River, forms the southern boundary of the park, including a substantial waterfall. Although 80 mammal species have been recorded in Awash, the game viewing is less of an attraction than the scenery and birdlife.

3. Gonder: Up until the beginning of the 17th century, Ethiopia had what was locally referred to as a ‘mobile capital’. But in 1632 Fasilidas took the throne and proclaimed Gonder as his capital, where it remained for the next 200 years. Wandering around the fort’s spectacular turreted citadels, vast banqueting halls and bathhouses leaves you in no doubt whatsoever as to the importance of this Christian kingdom 400 years ago.

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4. Langano: Of all the Rift Valley lakes, Lake Langano is the most developed for tourism, lying adjacent to the Abiata-Shals National Park that is dominated by the two lakes for which it is named. Although the area around the lake is largely deforested, a variety of wildlife live here including hippos, monkeys, baboons, warthogs, and a huge variety of birds.

5. Mekele: Founded by Emperor Yohannes IV in 1881, Mekele is the main and most modern city in the Northern region of Ethiopia and tourism infrastructure is better than in other parts of the country. Set in a basin at 2,200m in the rocky Tigraian Highlands, the city is clean, organised and vibrant.

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Other places in Ethiopia you can as well visit are Mago National Park, Lalibela, Jinka, Harar, and Gheralta.

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