Travel: 5 Interesting Places To Visit When In Lesotho

Many have stated that the country, Lesotho in Africa is a difficult country to walk in, and there’s truth in the statement. The country is surrounded by large expanse of land owned by South Africa and it is landlocked, not forgetting¬† its veneer and the dust that greets your every path.

However, while these might not interest anyone, the small country has a number of interesting places that you will love to visit. These places are serene, if you choose and also great for a party if that’s your mood.
Without further ado, here are 5 interesting places to visit when in Lesotho:
1.  Katse Dam and Botanical GardensIf you travel to Lesotho and you do not visit the Katse Dam, then you have missed seeing an integral tourist attraction. Highlighted as one of the highest engineering project in the southern hemisphere in the 1990s, the dam is indeed a sight to behold.

What makes it more enchanting is the lake it has created between the mountains. A tour of the dam wall will leave you awed and amazed.
2. Komo Cave DwellingsThis area was once called ‘Liboping’ (the place of ovens) because the huts around it looked like traditional Sotho kins. The cave dwellings have been for more than two centuries and that’s just one of the many reasons why you must visit it.
Visiting this place in Lesotho affords tourists an opportunity to learn about the culture of the people and the rich history of the land.
3. Sani Pass and the Highest pub in Africa

A very popular spot, noted for provide an enticing view of the Drakensburg Mountains while one drinks, hikes or just relaxes.
Sani Top leads one to the Lesotho border post and the Sani Top Chalets, where you cannot pass by without a few drinks and a beautiful picture.
4. Sehlabathebe National Park

If you love nature and want to see it at its best, then this national park is a great place to start. The park has a plethora of unique rock formation, small lakes, variety of plants and animals. It provides a calming and soothing feeling of nature.
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5. Maletsunyane / Semonkong Falls
Travel to Lesotho
With this picture, I think there’s very little to say. I’ll let you revel in the awe.

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P.S- We will advise that with the global coronavirus pandemic, you put a hold on every travel plan. Do stay safe.

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