Friday, May 27, 2022

Town & Country Magazine Recognises John Legend As One Of The Top 50 Philanthropists

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Town and Country magazine tapped 50 influencers as their top philanthropists of 2017. These 50 amazing people shares their thoughts and growths. Famous singer and father John Legend happens to be one of the people and the charming star also shared his thoughts on modern day society and more. Read excerpts from his interview below:On Racism In Modern Day Society
“People feel defensive around the subject of racism, and they shut down, because they feel like they may say the wrong thing and you’ll think less of them. But we have to deal with the fact that these issues have a real impact on people’s lives. There’s a real impact when they’re not getting called back after they’ve applied for a job because they have the wrong name.On Speaking Out As A Celebrity
“Obviously, when you step out on anything that’s controversial, someone disagrees with you. And some people take that disagreement in stride and say, You know, I don’t agree with you, but I like your music, so I’ll still buy it, or, I’ll still come to your shows. Some people can’t separate the two and say, If I disagree with you politically, you’re not going to make money off of me. And that’s just the price that we have to be willing to pay… some of the greatest artists we’ve ever known have been willing to risk some social capital to try to improve the lives of other people.”Credit: Town & Country

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