Thursday, September 28, 2023

Top 10 Trending Nigerian Hair Styles

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Nigerians love to be in vogue with latest hair trends. There are a lot of options you can pick from that would suit your style needs

There are a lot of hair trends that have come and gone but there are also certain ones that still remain in vogue. 1.Weaving: With the latest trend of natural hair sweeping over, beauty lovers in Nigeria has settled for that natural African look with weaving. This style is most times done with the natural and can last for a period of time, according to the texture of the hair.
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2.Ghana weaving: This hairstyle is always in vogue. The advantage this particular hair trend has is that there are various ways to style it. From simple to complex styles, the Ghana weaving is definitely a sure hair-do
3.Braids: For those who love to ‘get up and go’, the classic braid is perfect. Ranging from twisted, million and mighty size and style, the braids are very easy to rock and they also last for a long period of time.4.Faux locs: The faux locs are very trendy and bold. They last longer than the other hairstyles. You can rock this style for up to 6 months without fear of damage on the hair. They come in different colours and can be styled variously depending on how you want to look.5. Hair extensions/Fixing: Nigerian beauty lovers, have rocked this style at one time. Fixing the hair is a hair trend that never goes out of fashion. Hair extension is easy to style, depending on the product. Hair extensions vary in size, colour and texture.6.Wool: Wool season broke out a few years ago and everybody is loving it. This style is very light and easy to style. you can decide its length and colour. The wool can be styled as weaving or done into cool braids.7.Fulani braids: Fulani braids are very African in nature. They can also be adorned with beads and cuffs. This style also lasts long and also protects the hair.8.Parking gel: In the 90’s this style was only popular with children. ‘Telephone wire’ was a banging trend among kids, however with the domination of more hair extensions, the parking gel has resurfaced, and this time it cuts across all ages. The parking gel can be made into a high ponytail or side bun.
9.Low cut: There are various styles, you can rock with your low cut. The style allows for space on the scalp.10.Dreadlocks: This hairstyle is definitely not for the faint hearted. When the hair has been locked down, it needs frequent maintenance and styling, but it sure holds the hair down for days.
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