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Top 10 Trending Tech Skills In Nigeria

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Digital skill is the ability to use digital devices (like computers, mobile phones, e-readers, tablets e.t.c.) to communicate information and provide value. Just like you use technology to solve problems or finish tasks faster.

Are you a Nigerian undergraduate sitting idly at home due to the ASUU strike? Or perhaps you are a graduate looking for a job? Well, guess what? You can easily learn and earn steadily with lots of tech skills! Some jobs, if not all, demand a minimum of one tech skill as part of their job descriptions.
1. Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing skills have several online platforms to learn from. Platforms like Google host free online courses for digital marketing skills. It’s easy and free to register on Google garage and follow up. Job opportunities for digital marketing are assistant brand manager, content strategist, digital media managers e.t.c.
2. Project Management
Amongst the trending, this is also one of the top tech skills. It involves getting a task done effectively and efficiently. Project managers keep track of a task, monitor it, and ensure it’s of high quality. And ensure its timely completion. As a project manager, you can work in businesses, constructions, education, healthcare, in fact almost every sector. If you can organize and deliver effectively, then you might want to consider becoming a project manager.
3. Data visualization
It is the use of visual elements to create a graphical representation of information and data. It provides ways to easily create visuals of large data sets by presenting information in different ways. Often these visualisers work from home. And they have job opportunities in different industries like banks, financial services, medical fields e.t.c.
4. Search engine optimization (SEO)
It’s the process of increasing the website traffic or web page from organic search results in search engines like Google and Bing, and also improving the quality of content or website. It deals with getting a higher rank in search engines and reaching a large number of viewers. The higher it ranks the higher chance of people seeing it.
5. Computer support
This tech skill as its name implies deals with giving a hand with any technical problem. It is the process of providing solutions. And analyzing issues and advising on difficult problems. It also involves providing care and repair services to devices or computers either remotely or from an office. They keeps computer operations running efficiently. Job opportunities available for computer support are IT manager, computer analyst, e.t.c.
6. Graphic design
It is the creation of visual content with computer software to communicate or inform and attract customers. However, despite being visual content, it also deals with using necessary digital tools to communicate information, for example displaying a designed logo or designing a flashy advert for your client.
7. Data analysis
A data analyst collects, arranges, maintains, and interprets data to help solve a query or problem. As an analyst, it is easy to find jobs in businesses, industries, science, medicine, e.t.c. Data analysis is the process of applying logical techniques to collect, clean, interpret and evaluate data. There are different kinds of data analysis which are; prescriptive, predictive, diagnostic, and descriptive analysis. It is better understood with research.
8. Web development
It is a tech skill that involves creating, designing, and maintaining websites and web applications. Web developers monitor the performance and capacity of a site. Likewise, this development can be for the internet or intranet(private networks). The job is to create a website appealing to viewers and coordinate the navigations for proper functioning. Basic technologies like CSS, HTML, Javascript, Sass,, Grunt e.t.c are used by web developers.
9. Virtual assistance
As its name goes, it is virtual. Executing the job effectively is completely remote and done from anywhere in the world. An assistant is like a secretary or receptionist that helps to complete a job or a task but with virtual assistance. It is done remotely. Virtual assistance is provided through phone calls, text messages, making appointments, and managing social media. Also through email accounts, making travel arrangements, or noting schedules.
10. Software development
This is the process of creating, designing, programming, testing, and supporting software. We know software is a set of instructions that tells a computer what to do. Software developers are the creative minds behind computer programs. They have opportunities to become game developers, mobile app developers, cyber security analysts, multimedia programmers e.t.c.
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