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Top 10 Most Expensive Nightclubs In Nigeria

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To have an amazing experience in nightclubs in Nigeria you’ll need to be in Lagos. Although most part of the Lagos club scene is dominated by flashy cars, racks of money, filtered clientele, big mean bouncers, and beautiful women, the club life best describes Lagos as the enjoyment minister that it is. Most Expensive Nightclubs In NigeriaSome of these clubs consist of lounges and bars. It can be said that the Island part of Lagos offers greater options. Here are our top 10 most expensive nightclubs in Nigeria;
  1. Club Quilox: Quilox is a VIP nightclub located in Victoria Island Lagos. It’s one of the biggest nightclubs in Lagos. Quilox comes alive every night with great music and company. Monday to Wednesday nights at Quilox are themed ‘Night Shift’, Thursday nights is for “Workman’s Compensation”, Friday Nights for ‘Starry Nights, Saturday Nights for “Thriller Nights” and Sunday Nights for “Sunday Nitro”. On the last Sunday of every month, the DJ at the club plays from 2 pm until dawn.Top 10 Most Expensive Night Clubs
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2. Club 57: If you’re looking for a convenient environment where you can dance beneath luminous fluorescent party lights, chill at outdoor terrace spots, lounge at VIP tables, listen to good music, enjoy amazing intercontinental cuisine, and cocktails, Club 57 is the place for you. Club 57 formerly known as Bacchus Club is one of the best and definitely one of the most nightclubs in Lagos.Most Expensive Night Clubs In Nigeria

3. Club Cubana: It is a world-class facility with architectural masterpieces, valet parking, and an exquisite bar and lounge. The nightclub at Cubana is known as Club Pablo. It boasts of huge property which boasts of a rooftop lounge with a sky view, it has a restaurant and bar with world-class chefs and bartenders. There is also an open bar called Cuban Hut ‘n’ Grill where customers are offered premium service in a traditional bush bar setting that’s why it is one of the top and yet one of the most expensive nightclubs in Nigeria.

4. Rumors: It is owned by a popular celebrity and serves as a perfect spot for mingling with Lagos socialites. Are you looking to enjoy a memorable night or seeking adventure? Rumor is located in a serene and safe location. Enjoy great music by some of the best DJs around, meet amazing people, and enjoy an endless supply of alcoholic beverages. Expensive Night Clubs In Nigeria

5. Club Escape: Nightclubs and enjoy nightlife at the grand property. Escape nightclubs is a favourite amongst fun lovers. Several celebrities are often spotted at the club, it is an ideal place for networking and unwinding with friends after a busy week.Most Expensive Nightclubs In Nigeria

6. Club Vegas: The name club Vegas quickly reminds you of Las Vegas in the U.S. Like Las Vegas in America its vibrant nightlife and gambling, same with Club Vegas in Lagos. It has a daunting structure with wonderful interior designs and the groove is always off the hook. Located along the Ikeja axis, Club Vegas is one of the most sort after clubs in Lagos.
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7. Ember Creek: Fun lovers in Lagos not only escape for its bar but also its lagoon view. While it houses a bar, restaurant, Fashion cave it also projects an outstanding environment. At Ember Creek, Thursdays are for salsa and cocktail night and simply one of the Top 10 Most Expensive Night Clubs In Nigeria.

 Night Clubs In Nigeria
Ember Creek

8. Prive Lounge: Make your way in and experience a luxurious restaurant and bar with a bar and rooftop terrace. there is also a well-furnished cigar room to light up cigarettes when need. it accommodates up to 300 fun lovers at a time. you always ensure you get value for your money spent.

9. Club Temptation: Located on the mainland along Adeniran Ogunsanya Drive Surulere. it has great humor and gesture for fun lovers and it’s so much affordable. it boasts of being one of the best nightclubs in Lagos. When on the mainland for the weekend. It should be your next stop.

10. Velvet: is one of the most visited clubs in Lagos especially by youngsters in Lagos. Within all night banging music from top-class DJs and strobed light. You are guaranteed for having very long memorable moments when you visit.

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