Top 10 Highest Paying Careers In Education

A career in the field of education is not typically considered the path to a quick and easy fortune. When it comes to career growth, this field is very diverse and has no limit. education

To have a career in education you must be able to grow and to grow you need to put in the work. There is nothing like ‘the highest position m’ because there is always something to achieve in the field of education. So here are the top 10highest paying careers in Education;
Chief Executive of Top-tier Universities
The head honcho of colleges and universities may bear the title of chancellor, vice-chancellor, president, or provost, depending on the size of the institution. In most cases, the position requires completion of a doctorate with an emphasis on executive academic leadership. The competition for this position is very high and people who make it to this seat are usually celebrated because wit is not an easy feat. Let’s not forget that as the position and responsibility are high so is the pay.
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Academic Dean
In some institutions, the academic dean is the head of the school or college. This position requires expertise in the college’s specific field of specialization. A master’s degree, a doctorate in the field or related area of study, and years of tenured professorship are the typical requirements for job candidates. Academic deans guide academic and student services and oversee research initiatives at their colleges. For instance, in some universities, you’ll hear, the dean of the faculty of art, the dean of the faculty of science, etc. Following this post is the sun-dean who also wields immense power.
Being a professor be it a law, engineering, or health professor is not just great work but great heights. To attain this, the person is expected to have, at least, three years of teaching, research, and community service at each of the four main levels of lectureship. These levels are Lecturer Grade 2, Lecturer Grade 1, Senior Lecturer, and Associate Professor.
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Registrar and Financial Aid Counselors
To complete the admissions and registration process in postsecondary schools, students need the assistance of front-office staff. The registrar and financial aid counselors will provide information and guide registrants through the maze of paperwork. They will also link students with aid sources.
For most Nigerian universities, one is expected to have a Master’s degree in order to be employed as a University level Assistant Lecturer. It is only after one has earned a doctorate degree that one can then become a lecturer and then a Professor and Associate professor (depending on research/teaching experience). As a lecturer, you have the liberty to grow in rank as you climb the success ladder.
Yes, becoming the minister of Education in Nigeria will definitely get you smiling to the bank every month, as you make impactful changes in the country.
Director of Works
The Director of Works is a management position in the University and is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day administration and management of the Works Department of the University. Every university has this director and you will definitely be cashing out.
Dean of Student Affairs
This is one vital position in a university; the dean of student affairs stands as the mediator between the school authorities and the students. He/she is that person that brings in the balance and keeps both sides happy. It is a lot of work but the benefits that come with this position in most universities are mouthwatering.
There is nothing like having your own, being the owner of that platform that is empowering young stars to become great in life. Whether it’s a primary or secondary school or university, you will definitely cash out. One good thing about this career path is no matter what you study, you can achieve this career dream.
Media Specialists
The main responsibility of media specialists is to manage the school’s technology resources including computers, multimedia materials, and audiovisual equipment. The media specialist evaluates new technologies and recommends procurement. Maintenance and training of other personnel in the use of new equipment are under the purview of the media specialist. In some cases, the media specialist will include all the librarian’s responsibilities involving the management of library resources.
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