Top 10 Beauty And Hairstyles Trends Of 2022

beauty trends
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The year 2022 was bomber, a lot of things happened and one can say that this year has been very unique. Speaking of unique, the fashion and beauty industry saw a new revolution because Nigerians were determined to take creativity to the next level. weekend bbnaija beauty

So here are the top 10 beauty and hairstyles trends of 2022.

1. Knotless Braids
Knotless braids has always been existing but this year, it went viral. Knotless braids was taken to the next level and the ladies were in for it all.
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2. Lined/Popping Eyeshadow
Makeup artists developed a new way of making the eye pop like never before. The lined colored eye and popping eye shadow has shown that it is here to stay. READ ALSO: Ouch! BBNaija Vee Shades Lekki Girls

3. Edges
Ladies took doing their edging to a whole new level this year. There are various ways one can achieve the perfect and flawless edges now.
4. Net Gele
It now bye bye to Aso Oke gele and welcome to net gele. The funny thing is, net has always been there, but the net gele trend is one beauty landmark of 2022.

5. Curly Tip Cornrow
This hairstyle is super easy to make and rock. Hence many ladies jumped on this wagon and it has been going smoothly ever since.
6. Team Natural
Yes! team natural once again brought their A-game to the beauty department this year and they maintained the hot seat well. A lot of ladies are still rocking their natural hair and every day new ways to slay with natural hair keeps on popping up.beverly naya
7. Curly Braids
Now its not just about making braids, but adding curls to them. Many ladies rocked this hairstyle and are still rocking braids
8. Glass Skin
Everyone wants to have glass skin like the Koreans. Both the guys and ladies are paying attention to their beauty routine to ensure they have that transparent and flawless skin
9. Bleached Eyebrow
Wow! The bleached eyebrow came and no one ever saw it coming. It has this space-like and surreal look it gives and people seems to be loving it because it was a buzz this year.
10. The Crocs Craze
Yes, crocs has been around since last year, but this we saw it in a new light.Photo Credit: Getty

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