Tonto Dikeh Weighs In On Depressed Pastor Who Committed Suicide Due To Inabilty To Pay Houserent

Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has taken to her IG page to also weigh in on the pastor that killed himself over his inability to pay his rent. The pastor, Michael Arowobaiye reportedly committed suicide on the 14th of May. In the post she shared, Tonto stated that church members should be topmost on the mind of a concerned leader in a church. I’m prolly the last person who will ever speak ill of a pastor or church BUT how can a pastor seat back and watch a core member who handles the microphone on Sundays to lead praise and worship Not be able to pay house rent to the point of falling into deep depression and eventually takes his own life!! I am not a pastor, Never might be but no one who ever comes to me with a problem goes home remaining the same!! I will be damn the day that happens!!! Yes you cant give all your church members help but Man the church workers etc shld be helped!! Some of these folks go to church every single day for hours working,sew department uniforms for every service with their money, use their own money for transport,to look up to standard to be on your pulpit,Some will receive beatings from parents/husband/boyfriend about late night waka and THEY END UP not receiving a dime and you say they working for God!! God doesn’t run a slave trade, God even appreciates you with tithes and offering so why do you think others shld work in vain!!
I am one Christian who believe God is extremely partial and more forgiving on Pastors than the rest of us, enhance I stay away from their talk!!! Well why wldnt he be,they serve him!! DEAR PASTORS YOU NEED TO CARE MORE!!

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