We’re No Longer Asleep To Any Of Their Gimmicks, MI Abaga Tells Youths

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Nigerian rapper, MI Abaga has reacted to the ongoing protests calling for the end of the infamous police unit, SARS.

MI AbagaWriting on his Twitter page, the rapper who was a vociferous voice against the proposed anti social media bill explained that seeing how our voices can create change is one reason why the bill was proposed.

He then noted that the youths are now awake and will not back down or let up, but will fight every gimmick pushed forward by the government.

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“Seeing how our voices have identified and ignited the world, no wonder d government tried to censor social media earlier this year!!! Moving forward from this watershed moment we are no longer asleep to any of their gimmicks.. the youth are wide awake #EndSARS #EndSarsNow.”Photo Credit: Twitter

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