Timini Egbuson: I Left The Church Because I Was Betrayed

Nollywood actor Timini Egbuson in a recent interview revealed that he was once betrayed by the church.

Timini Egbuson

In the latest episode of Lilian’s couch, a show hosted by Lilian Afegbai, Ebuson said he left the church due to the betrayal.

The film star claimed that a lot of people pretend in the church, hence his resolve to leave the church and build a personal relationship with God.

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“I feel like me and God have a personal relationship. I’ve been betrayed by the church in the past. Like, I was a full church boy. In my teenage years, I used to preach in the main church on Sundays. Everything you think I have now in terms of swag and whatever, it was in church that I learned it.

“Then I went to some other churches. But I just realized that there are a lot of pretences. And I know it’s not a reason to stop going because obviously. So basically you know, it’s just a thing where I was just like okay let me find this man called God on my own. And that’s what we are doing right now.

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“There’s someone I’m seeing, or talking to, right now that introduced me to this whole Bible plan. I mean, sometimes I just lie to her when she asks “have you checked it this morning?”

“In terms of reading the Bible again and all that, I’m not really there yet but like a one on one relationship with my God. “Talking to him saying “how far baba? This is what I’m doing” and He’s been helping me make the best decisions so far. And it’s calm.”

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