Timaya Explains Why He Wore ‘Rubber Sandals’ In His Multi-Millionaira Music Video

Timaya, talented singer reacted to a follower’s question on why he’s wearing rubber sandals in his multi-millionnaira music video.
Sharing some clips for his recent music video, rubber sandals were spotted on Timaya’s feet, and a follower decided to know the reason behind the choice of foot fashion. Timaya replied him saying that the sandals were Givenchy’s, meaning they aren’t cheap, and they still fit into the multi-millionaire video budget.

Here’s their conversation:
[email protected] excuse me guys, this rubber tin baba wore on his feet, were they included in the multimillion Naira video budget too ?
[email protected]_eid Those are GIVENCHY. Check dem out

Photo credit: timayatimaya


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