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#ThrowbackThursday: 5 Immortal Video Games That All Children Of The 90’s Played

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The arrival of Sega and Play station one in the late 90’s brought a series of live changing games to the world of all Nigerian children. it made ever-green games like police and thief look like dinosaurs in the 21st century, and most importantly, it served as the perfect foundation for the advent of virtual games.
Amidst the plethora of games that flooded the market in those days, some thrilling games stood out of the crowd for excellence, as they carved a niche for themselves in the heart and mind of every child born in the 90’s that ever played video games. They are;
1. Mortal Kombat: This masterpiece will always come before all other action packed video games. It was the best possible action game in those days. Though the advent of other weapon using video games shook its spot at the top, Mortal Combat established its name as the supreme overlord of all video games that ever surfaced in the 90’s. The first version of Mortal Kombat was released in 1992.
2. Super Mario: I don’t think you can ever find any child of the 90’s that never heard of Super Mario. It was as popular as water in those days. This evergreen game taught all children of the 90’s to keep on trying till they reached the finish line/till they saved the princess. Mario and Luigi have been readopted in several movies and video games over the years. The first version of Super Mario was released in 1996.
3. Sonic The Hedgehog: This thriller entered the market in 1991, and it brought the speed of light with it. All children of the 90’s learnt one acrobatic move or another from this game, while some others sustained injuries while trying to practice the acrobatic moves.
4. Resident Evil: This was one of the most addictive video games that ever reigned in the 90’s. After its release in 1996, this epic thriller won the heart of millions of children all over the world in its first 4 months in the market.
5. Crash Bandicoot: This was the first dictionary that ever taught us the meaning of the phrase “power-up”. Crqash was indeed legendary. This thriller served as the perfect foundation for rough driving in video games. It created a platform for Nigerian kids to steamroll Grand Theft Auto when it later came aboard in the new millennium.
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