Tuesday, October 19, 2021

#ThrowbackThursday: 5 Pictures That Capture The Evolution Of Mobile Phones In Nigeria

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Every Nigerian child born in the 90’s will always remember the stress that accompanied owning a phone back then.

The phones were too big to fit into our pockets. The antennae functioned more as a leg stabber than a mobile aid. The buttons automatically dialed strange numbers when suppressed with any object. In all instances, it was a blessing and a curse. But as time went by, we discarded these old phones to usher the new generation into the dynasty of android phones.

The photo-story below captures the evolution of the Nigerian community, from the days of pointy headed phones, to the days of sleek and portable mobile phones.

1. Antennae Phones: These were the first ever set of mobile phones in Nigeria. They were almost the same size with a security walkie-talkie. As a matter of fact, they turned out to be just, a refined form of walkie-talkie. Though these phones were the pride of those days, their distinctive antennae made them a device that was bound to extinct with time.
2. Non-Antennae Phones: These phones laid the path upon which our current 21st century phones currently stand. They came in many brands, patterns, structures and shapes. They were widely accepted due to their handy shape and easy-to-operate setting.
3. Slide Phones: Indeed no king reigns forever. These phones controlled the market for almost two years as a result of the numerous features that accompanied it. It makes snappy sounds when you close it, It shined a ray of light at your face each time you open it. To wrap it up, it came along with some of the best phone games of those days.
4. Camera Phones: When launched the first ever camera phone in Nigeria, it literally became a commodity that only the rich could afford. Though it was worth N60,000, the pride of owning it in those days, literally made up for the huge price.
5. Smart Phones: Finally, we were ushered into the realm of portable smart phones. They have continually advanced from the Black Berry days to the android dynasty. Though it seems the world might never move on from the android stage, the progressive nature of technology will definitely hit us with another thriller very soon.
Photo Credit: Getty

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