That Sharp Naija Guy: Three Things To Do To Completely Get Over Your Ex

Those who have gone through bad breakups already know just how excruciatingly long and painful the healing process usually is or can be.
There is no time frame to determine how long it takes to get over an ex but with these three steps , your will seemingly and easily get over him/her.

1 Accept the fact that the relationship is over: In order to truly move on, you must want to let go. Forget the movie on loves, where they break up and eventually end up together, this is real life. Expecting your ex to come back to you, the thought will only bring torture and will close from having new experiences. The best way is to completely unplug your ex, this means disconnecting him/her from social media and any other form of communication.
2 Losing your sense of self: People usually loose their self sense after a break up. People start have fewer question like “Who am i?”. The solution to these is engaging in new activities to restore your sense of self.

3 Ruminating: As someone who thinks often, it is easy to start blaming your self by saying ” If only I had done this differently” If I said this or that” This only keeps imprinting memory into your head and not allowing you to move. The solution is to remove “if onlys” about the breakup.
Breakup is not the end of the world , take it like this every break up is a step closer to happily ever after. Stay happy!

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