Sunday, October 2, 2022

This Is Why Chimamanda Adichie Urged Nigerians To Stop Jumping To Conclusions

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After her viral interview with Hilary Clinton sparked a heavy backlash from the Nigerian social media community, award-winning Nigerian author, Chimamanda Adichie has urged Nigerians to focus more on getting details of any story they read before making conclusions.
Chimamanda came under heavy criticism when she confronted Hilary Clinton on why the first word that describes her in her Twitter bio is “wife”. While some Nigerians urged Chimamanda to “mind her business,” some others urged her to “live and let live”, after they criticized her for trying to influence Hilary’s personal decisions.
See Chimamanda’s response below:
Dear Unnamed Person Who I Am Told Is On Social Media Saying I am Her Family and Telling Me to Shut Up:
Cynicism is ugly. It doesn’t flatter anyone. Yours doesn’t suit you at all. I remember you vaguely; I think you were in my class in primary school. And now you claim to be my ‘family’ and you are asking me to shut up. Did you watch the video of the conversation? Did you read a full transcript? I am tired of Nigerians who read a headline and, without bothering to get details and context, jump on the outrage bandwagon and form lazy, shallow opinions.
I am tired of Nigerians cynically thinking of anybody in public life as a ‘brand.’ No, I am not a brand. I am a person who feels strongly about certain issues. I choose to talk honestly about them. I made the choice to talk about feminism knowing very well the kind of hostility it brings – but I think it’s important and I will continue to speak my truth and hope to bring about some change, no matter how small
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