They Don’t Want Boxers! Get Your Man These Five Thoughtful Valentines Day Gifts Instead

The kings have been complaining, ladies switch up your gifts! They do not want the three in one boxer, nor the tees, or the bow tie, or the shoelaces, try to add thoughts to your gifts. Getting men the perfect gift is not as difficult as it looks, they are rather more simple to deal with than women. It’s almost like men came with a manual and getting to know them to the extent that you gift them exactly what they want is actually very simple. So, we are just going to go straight to it, men want everything Gadget! A shirt with a gadget drawn on it, a gadget like tie, a gadget like socks, a gadget like chopping board, a gadget like book, an actual gadget, I mean, let the gadget flow! Yes, well, I was just kidding, although gadgets make a man’s world go round, this article is for more thoughtful gifts. So here are the top five non-gadget gifts you should definitely get your boyfriend this Valentine

  • A wristwatch from his favourite watch brand: Men love their wristwatches and getting him his favourite wristwatch in terms of colour, shape and brand would have him beaming with joy. More so, whenever he tries to put them on or he checks his time, he would always think of you
  • A pamper him alone day: They want to be pampered too. Have a pamper him alone day arranged for him. Surprise him by taking him to his favourite hair stylist, then getting a body massage or go on a shopping spree with him and pay for all the stuff he buys. How about taking him to his favourite restaurant and have him order his favourite meal from the menu, sounds about right! 
  • Cologne: Smelling nice is good business. Getting him his favourite cologne or one he probably wants to get but is not boxed up t or is too busy to go get is a very good valentine’s day gift. It shows you care about his personal hygiene
  • What I love about you: The what I love about you book is a perfect opportunity to write all the cheesy stuff you have always wanted to tell him but is reluctant to. That aside, on days he misses you, he can easily refer to the book and read all the sweet stuff you penned down for him
  • A very nice Oxford or Brogue shoe: Shoes, yes shoes! Men love their shoes, and you can totally switch your oxford or brogue for sneakers if that is what he fancies. A nice shoe from his favourite shoemaker should do the trick. Photo Credit: Getty


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