These Are The Cars Used By Armed Robbers To Escape The Offa Bank Robbery In Kwara State

The cars used by the deadly robbers that plagued the Owode Market Area of Offa town in Offa Local Government Area Kwara state, on Thursday afternoon has been discovered.
The robbers reportedly arrived the town in seven vehicles and stationed themselves at five banks around 4:30 pm. They held the town hostage for over an hour before escaping through Igosun route in the district, where they allegedly abandoned the cars. The vehicles have been recovered at taken to the police station in the area.
The death toll from Thursday’s robbery attack in Offa town in Kwara State has risen to at least 30. The attack which lasted for hours had left the banks damaged with many feared killed and many more injured. The armed robbers were said to have made away with several millions of naira from the banks.
Photo Credit: Getty



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