There Is No Way I Will Go A Month Without Spending At Least 3-Days In Yobe – Mala Mai Buni

Yobe State Governor, Mala Mai Buni reacts to the recent criticisms that has questioned his commitment to Yobe State, with critics saying since he took over as the caretaker chairman of the All Progressives Congress {APC} he has been largely been absent from the state and run the state in absentia. Mala Mai Buni Yobe State Governor

Mala Mai Buni fired back at his critics during a recent interview with the BBC, where he stated that he couldn’t have gone and entire month and not spend at least 3-4days in the state while stating that he has delivered his duties as the Governor of Yobe state effectively even if he hasn’t been around in the state so much, he added that we’re in the age of technology and that no one can say that there is a pile of files awaiting him to treat. Read his reply to the criticism below, Mala Mai Buni said;

“On the issue of staying, there is no way I can spend a month without spending three or four days in Yobe state. And then even if I return to Yobe, I won’t advertise or make it public that today I will be in Yobe and tomorrow I will be leaving.
“Wait, Let me land, listen to me, I won’t be revealing to the public that I came to Yobe or when I am leaving. And at this age of technology, when will anybody say that there were bunch of files waiting for me? Even before I came here I don’t know the numbers (of files I treated).”

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