TheRatvsThaViper: Vector Leaks DM With MI, Abaga Replies

The battle for the throne of the rap king between MI Abaga and Vector is still on and it is VectorThaViper on the releasing end. The duo had released diss tracks about each other, with Vec’s Judas The Rat being the latest.

As if the reply to MI’s TheViper track is not enough, ThaViper has gone further to share screenshots of his direct messages with Yung DenzL on The Gram, dating far back as 2015. As seen on his Instastories, the screenshot from 2015 sees Vec asking to do a remix of his hit rap King Kong with MI which he accepted, asking him to send him the beat.TheRatvsThaViper: MI Replies To Vector Leaking Their DM The other screenshot, however, is a recent one, revealing Yung DenzL telling ThaViper how he needs better representation and how he will hook him up after the diss game is over. He also noted that his team is wack and persuaded him to join his record label Chocolate City while enticing him with 20million naira.TheRatvsThaViper: MI Replies To Vector Leaking Their DMRead also: Victoria Kimani Picks Side In Vector and MI’s Beef, Says May The Rat RIP
The news got MI to delete the messages and again, Vec took the update back to the streets of Twitter, generating reactions from tweeps. Replying to the update, MI affirmed deleting the messages, noting that he didn’t know they are in the game of leaking DMs even in their 30s. He then advised everyone messaging Vec to also delete their messages. He wrote, “Of course I did.. didn’t know that we were leaking DM’s in our 30s .. would advice everyone messaging you to do same

TheRatvsThaViper: MI Replies To Vector Leaking Their DM
Photos credit: Twitter

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