The Year Of Fenty! Rihanna Is The Cover Star For Allure’s Best Of Beauty Issue

It is indeed the year of beauty icon, singer and songwriter Robyn Fenty Rihanna.
The singer who recently launched her Savage X Fenty lingerie line at the New York Fashion Week (NYFW). But what could be the main reason why Allure has decided to honor Rihanna, well it’s not far fetched, Rihanna simply defines the term ICON in regards to her music, fashion style, beauty product line, acting, and philantrophy< thereby making her a worthy cover of the of the Allure’s Best Of Beauty 2018 Issue.   The Year Of Fenty! Rihanna Is The Cover Star For Allure's Best Of Beauty Issue 1 The Allure team got 5 of Rihanna’s fans and people she has made positive impacts in their lives including popular model and Face of Fenty Slick Woods, & Talk-show host and writer Ashley C Ford to write an open letter to the singer.
Here is what Slick Woods wrote:

 I met you during the Fenty Puma Season 2 show in Paris — it was my first time out of the country. I always thought your shit was made for me, and I wanted nothing more than to model for you, so hearing that I was cast in your show had me ecstatic. That you continued to use me was just surreal — business turned family real quick.

You introduced me to a more mainstream level of exposure. I was famous for all of the wrong reasons before. People loved the idea of Slick, but you gave me countless platforms to let people actually fall in love with who I am. You made inclusivity cool, and that’s revolutionary. Now people are putting money toward inclusion, rather than putting money toward a certain supremacy. It’s a beautiful switch in pace. You have my loyalty until the end of time. My gratitude for the growth, love, and support you’ve put in my life will never subside. You are a true angel and the most multifaceted, immortal boss I’ve ever met. I’m so thankful for you. But you knew dat.

The Year Of Fenty! Rihanna Is The Cover Star For Allure's Best Of Beauty Issue 2
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