The EndSARS Protest Is The Voices Of The Youths Against The System – Shehu Sani

Former Kaduna State senator and Human Rights Activist, Senator Shehu Sani has stated that the ongoing EndSARS protest is the youths kicking out against the rot in the system.

Shehu SaniThe Senator who spoke at a gathering in Minna urged the protesters to keep up the energy and continue the fight for a better Nigeria.

He also explained that the country is in shambles and it is ironical for a country with so much resources, but very little end result for the populace.

Shehu Sani said, “The youths have spoken loud and clear and their voices must be heard as the protest is a rise against the system. I urge them to sustain the tempo of the protest. It is the only way to salvage their future and they should not spare anybody in the protest.

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“The handling of the nation’s affair by the policymakers and officeholders has continued to retard the development of Nigeria. They have made it impossible for the people of the country to move to advance level.

“How can a nation as ours with such huge wealth have such huge poverty level? You can’t get a job in Nigeria if you are a son of nobody, you can’t be elected in Nigeria if you don’t have money and Godfather, so these must stop.”Shehu SaniPhoto Credit: Twitter

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