Here’s Why UN Has Decided To Protect Reggae Music

According to reports, the UN has added reggae music to the list of international treasure worthy of protection and promotion. According to reports,  Jamaica applied for the recognition at a meeting of the UN in Mauritius this year.“It is a music that we have created that has penetrated all corners of the world,” said the country’s culture minister Olivia Grange. According to BBC Radio 1Xtra presenter, Dave Rodigan: “The Unesco announcement is fantastic news for reggae, which has traditionally spoken out for the underprivileged whilst offering hope for a world in which love and respect are paramount.” According to Reggae artist, Hollie Cook politicians could take a leaf out of reggae’s “strong message of peace, love and unity” he went on to describe its cultural impact as “a great example of how immigration has a great and positive effect in our society. Maybe some of our country’s leaders can put down their pens, stop fear-mongering and blast out some Aswad to relax.” Photo Credit: Getty


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