The Ultimate Love: Meet The 4 New Love Guest

The ultimate love show is barely a week old and it already has a few twist off it shoulders.Four new housemates have been introduced to the show to join the previous sixteen in the love pad.
The Ultimate Love: Meet The 4 New Love Guest
The Ultimate Love: Meet The 4 New Love Guest

On Friday, February 14, 2020, four new Love Guests were introduced into the Love Pad. This came as a surprise as the four new Love Guests, two women and two men walked in quietly while the guys were busy. The new love guest areJerry, Uche, Syliva, and Presh Talker.

Meet the newest love guest in the love pad

17. Jerry

He is a 36 year old actor and fashion designer from Delta state. The fashion designer’s love language is gift’s giving and he would appreciate an intimate proposal. The actor hopes to find true love on the show. The actor has featured in a couple of African Magic movies like “Hush”.

18. Uche

The 28 year old developmental economist is here to find love. His longest relationship lasted for a year and he believes that gender roles are important in a relationship. He believes love takes a long time to grow.

19.Presh Talker

Presh Talker is an MC and a content creator whose beauty will get a lot of attention in the house. We pray the guys don’t have a change of heart towards the other ladies the moment they get to know the 27-year-old beauty. The beautiful host believes her eyes are the best thing ever.Precious is keeping an open mind as she enters the love pad and will hopefully find her Prince Charming who will not only sweep her off her feet but will score high points with her folks.

20. Sylvia

23-year-old Sylvia firmly believes in the notion that the man is the head of the house and the woman’s role is to support the man’s vision. Although she’d be considered a ‘millennial’ and modern-day professional woman, her principles are still strongly rooted in tradition. Sylvia’s beautiful smile is her favourite feature, it looks like it can brighten up any room, let’s hope that’s what her smile will do when she enters the love pad. Sylvia believes that a man and woman should walk hand in hand to build a sustainable and strong relationship.

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