Where Is The Sense Of Nigerian Professionals – Seun Kuti Calls Out Nigerian Employees

Seun Kuti
Seun Kuti today took to his Instagram page to call out Nigerian Professionals following the probe of the NDDC which has becoming a trending topic on social media. The Afro Beats singer said it was time for Nigerian professionals to rise up and stop working to destroy the future of their children.

Seun KutiSeun Kuti said staffs in the NDDC know about the corruption in their ministry but chose to keep working in the ministry forgetting that the future of their children is also been destroyed in the process. Seun Kuti said the history books will remember them as accomplices of crime and corruption who contributed to the failed Nation called Nigeria.

“I am not surprised or disappointed but I am at the point where I need to ask the Nigerian professionals, what good are you all doing this country. I am sure the NDDC is full of educated highly skilled workers. With their degrees and phds but where is their sense? After all is said and done history will remember you all as collaborators and accomplices to the destruction of African people and u all did it just so u can have some money to buy things.

Until your personal comforts within oppression is no longer more important than the future of your children then we can go anywhere. We have to bring this machine to a halt. It needs to stop. We see why employment here is by cronyism and nepotism? Robots who just nod and say yes to the death of their own children. All this pain and misery just to buy things and consume consume consume! #getthesax”
Photo Credit: Instagram

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