The Only Woman I Have Time For Is My Wife – Bolanle Ninalowo

Actor, Bolanle Ninalowo, popularly known as Nino B, is a hunk of a man. With a well built physique, there is no doubt that he is the dream of many ladies. As a result of his handsome look, many have assumed that he is a playboy.

However, in a recent interview, the actor emphatically stated that though he gets a lot of female attention, he is only focused on his work and family. He said, “I just don’t deal with it (female attention). I don’t welcome it. If anyone calls my number without me having given the person my contact, I would hang up on the person immediately. The only dealings I have are work-related. Anything asides that– I don’t give time to it at all.”

Though he has been romantically linked with several actresses over the years, Ninalowo maintained that there was no truth to the reports. He said, “They are all malicious and things like that don’t work on me. Looking at my career, you can see that I am a focused and disciplined person. I thank God for grace. And my track record speaks for itself.”

Nino B, who often posts pictures of him and his wife in lovey-dovey postures said that is his reality and he isn’t just doing it for attention on social media. “My life is just about me and my family and I just don’t put my family out to show off. If I wasn’t a celebrity, I would be living the same way I do now. I am about my wife and my kids and I have always been that way. Even when my wife and I had issues, there were no rumours of me (being involved) with anybody else. So, you can tell I am a very focused person,” he stated.

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