The Most Stylish Sports Of All Time

Sport is one force that brings people together across the world, cheering their favourite stars unto victory and also enjoy a game they love. It is a competitive physical activity that involves competition and is governed by a set of rules. Asides from the physical aspect, there is a fashionable side to every sport across the world.

The Most Stylish Sports Of All TimeYes!, when your favourite sports players step out to play a game that they love, they make fashion statements and over the years, sportswear for certain sports has gone on to become stylish pieces that people wear and rock when they step out. Sportsmen and women now collaborate with major fashion lines to release their own line of sportswear look reflecting the sports that they play and their fashion sense.

Serena Williams is one sports player known for rocking stylish and daring fashion looks on the court which over time has raised brows and conversation in the fashion industry. Several other sports players are known to make great fashion statements on the court, pitch and their fields of play. As this edition of the KOKO Weekly Magazine focuses on celebrating athletics, here are 8 most fashionable sports of all times and their looks.

1. Tennis: Despite the rigorous nature of the sport our favourite court stars make it look easy with the looks they pull off on the court. Over the years a lot of fans have recreated jaw-dropping looks from their favourites most iconic moment on the court and we love it. From crisp polos, bright whites, pleated skirts to tailored performance wear, tennis shoes, wristbands, Tennis looks have gone beyond just wearing for the sport.

2. Hiking: Hiking is a long, vigorous walk, usually on trails or footpaths in the countryside. The long walks are made for leisure as they help people keep their feet, relax and also meditate. The look is fleeces, shell jackets, anoraks, cargo pockets, chunky fasteners, hiking boots, backpacks for carrying all your belongings, water and food.

3. Surfing: This is a surface water sport in which a person called a Surfer uses a board to ride on the forward section or face of a moving wave of water which usually carries a surfer towards the shore. The sport improves shoulder and back strength. The look is surf pro sweatpants, caps, board shorts, bikinis, wetsuits, neoprene bathing suits, bucket hats, ponchos, hoodies, surf vests, surf backpacks, flip-flops, hibiscus print, tropical patterns, statement logos.

4. Basketball: Basketball is considered one of the sports across the world with a strong influence on fashion. Basketball kits and kicks are seen off the court as a fashionable look to pull off by style influencers and notable figures. It is believed that basketball apparels sell several million every year across the world the moment a new fit is released across the world. Basketball stars also link up with stylist and designers to help structure their look for the court. The look is oversized vests, mesh, high top sneakers, long line shorts, three quarter length basketball leggings.

5. Skateboarding: Skateboarders over the years have been known to have a stake in high fashion with the way they dress. Kids are influenced by what skateboarders wear and choose to recreate their style and looks. Skate brands are known to have quite expressive style. The look is skate shoes, cult brand T-shirts, jeans, khakis, over shirts,caps,beanies, skate deluxe backpacks.

6. Soccer (Football): Football is one of the most loved sports across the world and with this sport comes an incredible sense of fashion. Jerseys and kicks worn by football stars are usually made to make some interesting fashion statements. Over the years certain jerseys have been acknowledged by leading fashion magazines as being incredibly stylish and too good to end just on the soccer pitch.

7. Cycling: Riding a bike is super fun and exciting to do and it is amazing to be able to have fun while at it. Just like any other sport, it has its sportswear and cyclist are known to be one of the most stylish personalities ever. A lot of cyclists adorn themselves in colourful gear while hitting the road and we love to see the exciting colours they play around with. The look is lycra, cycling shorts, cycling padded shorts, windproof jackets, gloves, cycling jerseys.

8. Skiing: the action of travelling over snow on skis, especially as a sport or recreation. As intense as the sport seems people find a way to remain incredibly stylish while trying it out and we love the style moments we have spotted from this sport.
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