How The Leaders Of Tomorrow Woke Up To The Occasion of Today

‘We are the Leaders of Tomorrow’ are the lines from a famous school song in Nigeria reminding the youths of the need to prepare themselves and get ready for the future when they take on responsibilities but over the past few months, we’ve seen young people rise and step up to the occasion by taking up integral responsibilities and demanding for what is theirs from the government.
How The Leaders Of Tomorrow Woke Up To The Occasion of Today
With the EndSARS Protest, the older generation finally realized and saw that young people are more than what they viewed them to be. They built their own government, took to the street, and in one voice made very clear demands to the government. These youngies who were exceptionally brilliant in fighting for this cause, they put their lives on hold, defied authorities, and choose to be a leader today rather than tomorrow.
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The likes of rapper Runtown, Folarin ‘Falz Falana, Feyikemi Abudu, Eromosele Adene, Bankole Wellington, Adebowale Mr. Macaroni, Rinu Oduala, and many others offered their support in cash, kind and other forms to ensure that their demands are met. A lot of them also had threats to their lives and were exposed to public scrutiny but didn’t mind. One question that bugged the mind of several others watching these young ones is whether there is more to these struggles than meets the eye or if these future leaders have only just woken up to their responsibility and are ready to demand good leadership?

Many of them have good lives, at least from what the eyes can see, good careers, things working for them and are from well to do families, and one cannot seem to understand the true motive behind their rising. Over the years, we have seen certain young people rise up to demand accountability, good leadership and by the next, they are just like the people they nailed to the cross. A lot of people now wonder if these ones are going to become just like that or if they have seen this platform as a means to begin their political careers.

Only time will tell the motive and the idea behind this relentless nature. While we are grateful for these leaders who are stepping up to responsibility and hope that their dream and wishes come to pass, we, more than any other thing, hope that they remain true and not waiver and just be passionate about their fatherland as they claim they are.

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