Dan Foster: The Kids Are Distraught, I Am So Pissed – Wife Mourns

Wife of late broadcast legend Dan Foster, Lovina Davina has taken to IG to pen down quite a fierce and emotional tribute to her passing husband. Dan Foster

Dan Foster was a media personality who died on June 17, after testing positive for COVID-19, he due to complications of underlying illness while undergoing treatment at a medical facility in Lagos.

Dan Foster is survived by his wife Lovina Foster and 3 kids.

Lovina confirmed his death, that he tested for COVID-19 on Tuesday and he passed away on Wednesday afternoon.

In Lovina’s tribute posted on Instagram hours after his death, Dan Foster’s wife wrote:

“My heart is broken….! My love, my prince, I have been told not to question God, as all things happen for a reason….yet, I cannot, for the love of me, understand the reason behind this. Even as you lay right here looking all peaceful, I know, you see me, in pain, shaking all over, trying hard to process what just happened to me!
Your kids are distraught, I for one, am PISSED!!!! Am soooo angry, am so vexed. Someone, pls help me explain, cos his work is not done yet. He had so many plans, so many ideas, the future never looked brighter. Now, what??? Oh death, You have played a fast one on me.
Dear God, you loved Dan so much, so I know now you loved him so much, You called him to You! You are the Ultimate One, Lord! He is your son! So I bid him farewell as You bid him welcome! Daniel….just know that i will never forget you, the world will never forget you, your kids will never forget you. I love you! I will always love you! Adieu, My King!
I miss you already, I miss you soooo much, you just left a large vacuum in my heart! Pls dan, I miss your voice! Just say sth, just one word to me! Please, my dear husband! Please, I need you!!”

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