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The Evolution Of Skit Making In Nigeria As It Redefines The Entertainment Space

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A skit can be said to be a short comedy sketch or piece of humorous writing, especially a parody intended to pass across a message not necessarily educative or informative. Hence skit making is the new cool in today’s society.skit
Skit making in Nigeria has gained ground as youngsters keep rising every day to become skit makers. The constant use of social media platforms especially the ones that are video-based, for instance, Tik Tok, Instagram, and YouTube have become platforms through which people showcase their talents as skit makers and cash out in the process. Many have come out to say the evolution of skit making in Nigeria can be traced to the fact that these skit makers were jobless, hungry, or had nothing to do which led them to toll this line.
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But while some people stumbled into skit making, there are still some who consciously worked on becoming skit makers and both sects have shown that it is not a matter of how far but how well. Comedy which has become a tool that people now use to point out societal ills, trends, etc has gained ground in today’s society. Every day we have numerous people rising up as skit makers and they are definitely doing well. Skit making can be said to be redefining the entertainment space because if not for it, there are some people who would not have that ‘fame’ because being a skit maker is all they know. Again, skit making is a new comic direction that shows that you don’t have to be funny, you can be yourself and be an amazing skit maker.
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For instance, Mr Funny, his skits are not necessarily educative or address societal ills like that of Mr Macaroni, but he shows the various personas that he possesses and how he reacts to certain situations. taaoomaNow, this trait is what makes him stand out and has garnered him numerous fans across the country. To be a skit maker calls for you to be social media savvy, exceptionally creative, and diverse. The ability to always prove a point in that niche and style you have carved out for yourself is what makes this sect of comedians stand out from the usual stand-up comedians that we have.warri pikin Let’s look at Taaooma, who plays multiple characters in her skits, she can never do that on stage but as an online skit, she can bring forth her creativity. We can go on and on mentioning the various things that make skit making unique and how it all started, but fact remains that this direction that comedy has taken is here to stay for the long term and social media is that push it will always need. josh2funnyTrending video of the day;
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