Hair Tips: The Bixie Haircut Is The New Short Hair Trend Of 2022

Just when we think that fashionistas have exhausted all the hairstyles they could bring back from the 90s, they drop another mind-blowing hairstyle, the Bixie haircut. The bixie cut is the new short hair trend of 2022 and the ladies are queuing up to do.
bixie haircut

The bixie haircut is ultimately a look that combines elements of two popular hairstyles, the pixie, and the bob. The bixie is shorter than a bob, longer than a pixie, and with the hair off the neck and midface.

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Some ladies might be seeing this new hair trend but they are not aware of the name but worry no more because the name is bixie haircut, (lol). This haircut trend gives a cute and classy look on the ladies and it can be rocked however you chose.
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2022 will still produce more short hairstyles but this haircut definitely has the potential to stay to the end. So here are amazing bixie haircuts to try out this year; bixie haircut Trending video of the day;

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