That Sharp Naija Guy: What To Do About Your Bedroom Performance Fears And Worries


Guys, the truth is that there are anxieties, like waiting for medical, school or job interview results, and then there is sexual anxiety.

For some Naija guys, it’s short-lived in the wake of a new sexual encounter, and to others, it becomes a waking nightmare.

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This fear of failure in performance is common even among self-confessed studs and occurs after experiencing a similar past encounter or from erectile dysfunction.

The fact is that the fear can be very strong that actually, the person will end up failing. Performance anxiety rises from failure and also worsens with failure. Some men will avoid having sex and start using excuses like being tired.

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Insecurities also occur when men worry about their ‘bed scores’ and how their partners view them.

Then there is premature ejaculation, which also causes performance anxiety and when you add lack of appropriate sex education among Naija guys particularly considering that some men lack techniques of achieving or giving pleasure and most still believe in myths that affect their sexual performance, then the fear and worry gets real.

Some guys believes erectile dysfunction depends on genes and blood type as there are those who use too much energy and with time wear out while those who use pills to enhance performance end up being dependent and can’t perform..

Some also blames pills, men wanting to show off or prove a point, leading to performance anxiety but the effects are felt later after overuse of pills which boosts energy but worry sets in on how to deal with reduced use.

Underlying conditions like psychological issues, relationship problems or previous terrible sexual experiences can cause it but the disease is individualised. If someone has it they have to do a full assessment because the treatment is of the cause rather than the dysfunction itself.

Other causes include; insomnia, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalances, and psychiatric problems including depression.

Women also undergo performance anxiety especially those who experience pain-which they anticipate causing anxiety leading to sex avoidance.

So guys, our Christmas gift to you is not to fear or worry too much about performance as so many things can affect your bedroom score but instead focus on your health and seek medical advise whenever you notice anything or feel apprehension about your body, partner or performance in the bedroom.

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