That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Things You Must Know About The Art Of Kissing

Kissing is an essential Art you must know and understand if you ever want to pass as a proper Sharp Naija Guy, or player. If you here reading this am not the good boy advising you on how to be a good husband or take care of your woman and how to be the good gentle guy, rather this is a zone for men who know the game and love playing the game.

Kissing is always the first point of contact whenever a couple is to get involved, and knowing that women/ladies are emotional beings. If you ever want to get down with one you most definitely would have to kiss her at some point to knock down that wall and get on the other side and intimate with her. To help perfect your kissing skills and help you land as much ladies you could ever want or ever help improve your intimacy, for those already in a relationship, here the 5 things you must know;

  1. Prepare Yourself:If you want to get kissed, you need to make sure your mouth is kissable. Before you leave the house make a pit stop in the bathroom and get that mouth ready. Brush your teeth to get rid of any remnants of your lunch and freshen your breath. A little mouthwash never hurt either.Ladies love a man with a beard, but they don’t want a mouth full of mustache when they go in for a kiss. Trim your beard of stray hairs and make sure nothing is hanging over your lips. Tame the tangle with beard oil and watch as her hands drift up for a feel.

    Make sure your lips are soft and hydrated by using lip balm. Nothing shuts down a potential kiss like dry, chapped lips. It will make kissing so much more enjoyable for both of you.

  2. Know-How To Kiss On The First Date/ First Time:Knowing how to kiss her is important but knowing how to kiss a girl for the first time determines if you’ll get a chance at a second kiss. To master the first kiss, use these three tips. Which area) You must know how to read her body language if she wants to be kissed or is receptive of the idea, so if you want to know if she is ready to be kissed lock eye contact with her, she doesn’t mind you entering her personal space or she is the one entering into yours, and lastly she is drawing your attention to her lips.

    b) Be Confident, please do not steal the first kiss make it delibrate and purposeful. Ask for it or be bold and tell her “I want to kiss you”, that would automatically throw her off her balance.

    c) Hold off on the tongue do not do the tongue thingy on the very first try.

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  3. React To The Mood:The way you kiss your girl should match the mood of the situation you’re in. If the setting is romantic a deep, slow paced kiss is the right call. If the energy is high and passions are flaring, a more energized kiss is the move.

    Figure out the mood and then make your move.

  4. Get Her to Kiss You First: Does the guy always have to be the one to start the kiss? Definitely not! Many girls are totally willing to lean in first. Knowing how to get a girl to kiss you will make it much more likely that a girl will make the first move.

    She’s not going to take the first step if you aren’t showing her that you’re interested in her. At its core, that’s all flirting is… a playful expression of your interest in someone. Ask her funny questions and make lighthearted jokes.

    Show her that you’re attracted to her lean in make kissing you seem like the most natural thing in the world. Leaning in uses your body language to show your desire to kiss her and makes it easier for her to close the gap and lock lips and she’ll be much more likely make a move.

  5. Get Closer:Show her that you can’t get enough of her by getting in closer. A hand on her check or at the small of her back will make her feel desired and bring her in closer to you for a better, more passionate kiss.

    Make her feel like the object of your affection, not your aggression. You want to shower her that you’re into her without forcing anything on her. Bring her in close, but don’t push it if she’s not ready. Photo Credit: Getty

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