Saturday, April 1, 2023

That Sharp Naija Guy: My NYSC Love Escapades Shows The 5 REAL Reasons Girls Love Dating In Camp

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Welcome back SNG fans, so this week we’ve decided to discuss an interesting topic, an average Nigerian graduate must go for the mandatory National Youth Corp Service, for some young Nigerians it gives them a first-time opportunity to leave their home town, or home state and get to meet new friends and new people of diverse background of colourful Nigerian cultural diversity.

Every young graduate is usually upbeat and can’t wait to be in camp for the 21 days spent in camp meeting other young, vibrant, beautiful, and enterprising Nigerians from all over the country. My days in Camp was fun and just as much subtle too, I am a guy of a height of just above 5’8 with an average build. I have never been short of having ladies always wanting to be friends with me either because of my lively personality or say because of my good looks. Well I was in camp to have fun but rather I got the responsibility of being the social director of my platoon and that was like as if I got the password to never stop having girls around me, though I must mention I didn’t hook up with any of them even though I did notice some making obvious advances towards me. As the social director, I was in charge of organizing and preparing my platoon for its drama, musicals, and dancing competition I was also in charge of preparing the platoon for our beauty competition like the Miss Ankara, Mr. Macho, And the Cooking competition.

However, while I was always busy getting us prepared for all of these events and with me having countless ladies around me helping out in different capacity, I noticed different guys joined the drama or the dancing team of the platoon for mostly the reasons of wanting to hook-up with a particular lady. I was in platoon 7 Iseyin Camp, Oyo State, I was lucky to actually have a tonne of beautiful a ladies in my Platoon, while I was a close with the ladies, I always had my way with them that makes them trust me enough to share personal information or relationship gist with me. I learned that most of these ladies actually wanted this attention they were getting from guys and had a pre-thought of that they were in camp to enjoy themselves and to have the time of there lives, some were actually there with the hope of meeting the love of their lives, while some were there to experiment, some wanted to just hook-up for one night stands, while some just to be wild and free, some wanted to have a feeling of how it feels like being in a relationship of close proximity, And some saw it as a place to even start their love life or relationship experience at all. I noticed that there are 5 reasons to why girls love getting involved while on camp, they’re;

  1. Free Lunch, Dinner and Night cruising: So some ladies get involved while on camp for this reason and for just as simple as it sounds, a lot of the ladies I met while I was on camp detested the food served by the camp officials and for that reason decides to get involved with guys that they know would be of such benefits where they buy them lunch, dinner and take them out later in the evening and give them treats at the Maami market.
  2. Camp Freedom: A lot of ladies hook-up while in camp because of the sense of the freedom it offers no parents, friends or family there to judge you for whoever you’re with.
  3. Just For The Fun Of It And Experimental: Some ladies got involved while in camp just for the fun it and they were just winging it, maybe because of there carefree lifestyle or rather because they’ve never got the opportunity to be free and be able to see so many young people smoldered into such small space for so long. While some did it to experiment on some fantasies, like to have sex in the bushes, to have that adventure feeling vibe, to do the standing doggy position while watching out if the soldiers were coming and try to avoid getting caught while in the act.
  4. To Find The Love Of Their Lives: Some ladies actually got involved while in camp, with the hope of finding the love of their lives the person they would spend the rest of their lives with. Well, I actually found that boring and a bit of a funny desire, but I did hear some ladies say their aunts or older sisters met their husbands in camp and they also wanted to find theirs there too. I hope they do, not in this age of Yoruba Demons!
  5. What Happens In Camp Stays In Camp: Well some ladies are just in camp for nothing for its experience and its perks, where get to hook-up and an Hausa guy that they’ve heard usually the extra-large “Wood”, and hope to have a taste of it and once they got that they also want a taste of that of an Igbo fair boy. And once camp was over they go back to there home state or to wherever life leads to next and whatever happened in camp stays in camp! and never goes beyond camp. Photo Credit: Getty
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