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That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Smart Ways To Comfort Your ‘Naija Babe’ Whenever She Is Angry

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Anger has a longstanding record of bringing the worst out of people irrespective of their genders, age group, race and tribe. It has spurred millions of people all over the world to take a series of wrong actions that created a permanent scar that will follow them to their grave. It has denied millions of people of life changing opportunities. As a matter of fact, in some cases, it led to the tragic death of a good number of people.
Though anger can spark a good number of devastating results in guys, all Nigerian guys can testify to the fact that anger is not a trait you want to see in a woman. The saying, “Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned”, has been assessed and agreed upon by all Nigerian guys.
When the woman in question happen to be your girlfriend, you need to understand that there are two ways to comforting her. She will need to feel emotional support through the things you say. Also, she will need to feel safe and better through the physical support that you give her. Below are five easy steps to guide you in your quest to quell your girlfriend’s anger.
1. Ask for the cause of the anger: You need to be very careful when asking this question. Some ladies usually dish out the entire scenario that actually caused the anger, while others tend to vent their anger on you. Believe me when I tell you that you don’t want to find yourself on the latter end of the anger possibility. If she intend to share the who story, you must also repel every temptation to give your opinion on the matter. Just nod your head and act puzzled when necessary. If she is not willing to share, rest your case by giving her a shoulder to cry on, when eventually she gets to that stage.
2. Be Supportive: Don’t make the silly mistake of telling her that she has no right to be angry, even if she truly has no right to be angry. You must always take sides with her even if she was the villain in the story. This is not the right time to be a saint and do what is right. Give her the impression that you her in support of her actions and reactions. You can easily turn the situation to a romantic moment by resting your case with a statement like: “I’m sorry that you’re angry. Let me know if I can do anything to ease the feeling away.”
3. Slightly drop hints that express your feelings on the matter: After applying steps one and two, you definitely need to inform her of your feelings on the subject matter, to make her a better person. No one wants a 100% kiss a*s guy. You need to inform her that she overreacted (If it turned out to be the case). However, you can tread your way through this stage without giving her the impression that you are not on her side. Your choice of words is dependent on the personality of your girlfriend, so study her and tread carefully.
4. Don’t try to advice her: She has pondered on the matter severally before finding herself at the boiling point. Resist all temptations to be a professional guidance counselor here, else, you will swiftly find yourself in the middle of her anger. Just give her a shoulder to cry on and a listening hear to receive her endless story. Don’t try to be a hero here.
5. Show Empathy to her: Something/someone has made her upset. You need to shoe empathy to her. If you can’t feel it due to the fact that she was at fault, then fake it. You can alleviate her temper better by drawing her story to a similar tale that happened to you. This will easily convince her that you are on the same page. After applying this step, she will swing easily from the angry mode to the gossip mode. Game Set and Match.
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