That Sharp Naija Guy: How To Avoid Marriage Pressure From Your Parents

Naturally, all Nigerian adults that are still single after clocking 28 inevitably have to deal with the pressure of overbearing parents.

We can accurately conclude that these parents are determined not to relent in their efforts till we bring a lady home, describing her with the sacred “fiancee” word. Else certain urgent techniques are employed, the guy/lady at the center of this pressure might eventually be coerced into making an unforgettable mistake.
Some urgent and reliable techniques that can rescue any adult from this situation include:

1. Keep A Distance: You need to keep a reasonable distance from your parents till you are ready to fulfill their marital demands. Due to the fact that completely avoiding them will easily raise a red flag, you need to maintain and brief and customary phone call with them at least twice in a week, so as to avoid impromptu visits from them.

2. Continually discussing your problems with them: Parents tend to avoid the marriage topic when there is a more pressing issue at hand, so all you need to do is – discuss the more pressing issues in your life with them – so as to keep their mind off the dreaded topic. An insecure job topic for example will definitely take the spotlight away from the marriage topic.

3. Discuss topics of your bad relationship experiences with them: Reminding them of the unreliable nature of the “girls of nowadays” will give you a bit of a breather on the topic. At least for a while. However, you might find yourself in the arrange marriage scenario if you play this card for too long.

4. A makeup fiancee: When the pressure seem to be getting out of hands, you can always fall back on the Nollywood fiancee option. This option will require the services of a lady, who is set to play the role of your fiancee when your parents are visiting. However, you need to understand the fact that your parents are truly 10 times smarter than your, so make sure your fake relationship act is Hollywood rated.

5. Get A Fiancee: The best solution to this predicament will always be to get a real fiancee, so while applying other getaway options to salvage the situation, you need to continually remind yourself of the fact that you need to settle down very soon.

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