That Sharp Naija Guy: 8 Ways To Woo A Girl With A Boyfriend…And Make Her Fall For You

As a single trying to get a girl or woo a lady you like or want Boyfriends are a common road block when you want to reach out to the girl of your dreams. But if your love is real, these kind of things should not stop you from taking her into your arms. The first step of love is getting noticed. With a boyfriend this is ten times harder because her attention is always towards her boyfriend. But there are some fool proof ways of actually catching her attention and at the end of the day, make her fall in love with you. Here are some simple yet efficient ways to woo a girl to like you when she has a boyfriend:

  1. Let Her Know You Know She Has A Bf: Now when you try to get a lady or a girl you want and find out she has a boyfriend the very first thing you must let her know openly is that you know she she has a boyfriend, and that won’t stop you from wanting her.
  2. Get Her To Talk About Her Current Relationship: Every relationship have flaws and sometimes it is because of one person. When you want to steal a girl, try to dig the flaws that is in her relationship.  But you need to do subtly. What you definitely should not do is bad mouthing her boyfriend straight away by calling him a loser or a trash. This will make her feel angry towards you and it will make her despise you for a long time. What you need to do is slowly letting her talk to you about her boyfriend. If she does not initiate these conversation, try asking her simple questions about her relationship that initiate further explanations like “wow, being in a relationship must be nice”. She will start talking about her relationship but because she trust you, she might say something more about the real flaw of this relationship. When she tells you this do not defend her boyfriend, instead further make her boyfriend look like a devil. Accentuate his flaws until she becomes sure that he is bad for her.
  3. Be In Constant Communication: As we all know, the base of every good relationship is communication. Communication makes us knows about each other and it makes us become closer to each other. This is especially important if you want to start seeing the Signs She is Into You. If you want to catch her attention you need to be in her life every time but you still need to do it subtly. If she don’t know you already, try being a casual friend with her for a short time. Then, if she seems comfortable around you, start asking about her social media account and chat through that platform. Chat with her everyday but try to keep it casual and light at first. By doing this you will clearly catch her attention. You can start seeing Signs That A Girl Likes You Through Texting.
  4. Show Her You Bring Something New To The Table: Do not be an exact copy of her boyfriend. When you want to steal a girls heart that is already taken sometimes boys will do that. It is easy to think that the boyfriend he have right now is what she really needs and that it is her exact taste in men. Instead, you need to know that your girl might just need something different and you need to prove that you are that something different. So what you need to do is to make her feel special in your own way, showing your true self and being yourself around her. If she really likes you, she will slowly see that you are better and she will gravitate towards you more. Show her that you have the Signs of Boyfriend Material.
  5. Don’t Hang Around “Avoid Being Friend Zoned”: Don’t hang around in the hope that she would come around. gradually you gravitating towards being just close pal rather than being the guy that smashes and gets to have a taste of the cookie. So know when to be around, and when to make scarce of yourself. Give attention but don’t make it available on demand rather make it available when its necessary. Try as much as possible not to be “Friend Zoned” thats a very dangerous area to fall; which if you do you might find it extremely difficult to get out of. 
  6. Don’t Talk Bad Of Her BF, Talk Down Of Him: This will make you not look good and she will think that her boyfriend is better than you. In fact if you do this you will start seeing Signs That She’s Not Into You. Instead, keep it casual by radiating a sufficient amount of confidence. Sound confident and less intimidated that he his there rather let her fall for you’re, give her less reasons to compare but stay focused on her, she’s the one that matters exude the confidence that you want her and that “You Want Her”, say it with confidence that you want her and care very little if she as someone else because you know you would win her over.
  7. Tell Her What You Want: Now this is another mistake a lot of guys make when they meet a girl they want but she has a Bf, once you meet a lady you would love to date or go out with do not hesitate or hang around too long before expressing what you want with her. Tell her you want her and want to date her. Ladies love a confident guy who knows how to take the lead, take charge, knows what he wants and his confident to express how he feels and what he wants.
  8. Let Her Go: Now this is the most difficult part, why because this lady you want i just asked you to let go of her, Yes you’ve know when to let go once you the relationship isn’t heading nowhere… Walk away from it after you know you’ve done all of the above and feel like she isn’t responding or reciprocating what you’re giving to make it work, when you do that then you send a message that you like her but you can do without her and that if she wants you she as to make a choice, Because the fact she allowed you in or gave you attention at all in the first place she definitely likes you and has feelings for you, but you’re ready to walk away if she can’t make up her mind and that you won’t be hanging around forever waiting for her. Photo Credit: Getty


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