Friday, June 2, 2023

That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Types Of Side Chic In Nigeria

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On social media nowadays, wives have been getting angry with the other women in their husband’s life. A recent incident saw a married woman in Lagos take the picture of her husband’s side chic and turned it into a wanted poster.

man dumps wife

The main chics are always aggressive towards the side chics, and sometimes violent.

Another way is to try and understand the side chic, the outcome might surprise you. This is why today we will be looking at the different types of side chics:

The ‘I Love Your Husband ‘ Side Chic

She genuinely loves your husband and is not going to leave him except your husband breaks her heart. She is the most dangerous specie because everyone wants to be loved and even though you are the love of your husband’s life, he wants her to be there hanging on to his sleeve.

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The ‘He is Mr available’ side chic

This side chic hates to be alone, so she’s managing your husband until she finds a single man. She will break up with him on her own.

The Gold Digger Side Chic

Your husband is an ATM machine, she probably doesn’t like him that much but he pays her school fees and buys her clothes. If you offer to pay her off, she will cash out and look for the next ATM. The question is how much money are you willing to pay to have your husband to yourself?

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The Borrower

This side chic has been through a lot of bad heartbreaks and probably a bad marriage, she needs therapy but she doesn’t know how to ask for help so she’s borrowing husbands. She needs affection and human kindness.

The Kind-Hearted And Free Spirited Side Chic

Sometimes they are off and sometimes they are on. This side chic has a free spirit but you should be cautious because she will steal your husband’s heart but won’t do anything with it because she doesn’t want to break your marriage.

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