That Sharp Naija Guy: 7 Common Playboy Tricks Ladies Now Know, That Needs To Evolve

Hello SNG public its great to be back sharing some sacred knowledge with my fellow SNG, Lately I was speaking with some group of ladies and asked them, how do they know if their man was cheating or what are the little clues they look out for, if they suspect their man was cheating. I was surprised by the results and feedback I got they were actually valid points clues to lookout for one of them said the man gets angry at little things so as to put the lady in an oppressed and mentally weakened position. Then I realised that I needed to inform my SNG public that some of the tricks from our playbook as being found out and when using you might just be walking into a trap, And so they need to be improved or dumped and create new tricks but before the proposed new tricks, I intend to point out the old once that has been pointed out. Which are;

  1. Saving Them In their Full names: First pointer all the ladies I interviewed mentioned was that guys ensure they do not forget and save the names of the multiple ladies with their full names. That guys do this to avoid any suspicion, so that if any of the ladies go through their phones. They also said that most times men make sure they delete each and every conversation they have through texts. This always happens to avoid any scandal, Which is true now the trick is send Voicenote if its WhatsApp, or rather call her and tell her whatever it is you want to; after the call delete for me not for everyone.
  2. Calling Them By One Name:They all said when the guys try to be romantic, They call their girl with different pet names  like ‘babe’, ‘hun’, ‘dear’, Honey, Teddybear and not by their names. This is important so that when you about to mix names. They further said that whenever a guy forgot  and called them by the name of another girl they would usually lie that its the name of a close friend or family a member close to him also bears the same name. Well the only advice I can give here is don’t mix up their names.
  3. UnavailabiltyAnother popular pointer that was frequently mentioned by the ladies was the “I have been so busy with work”. That’s why I have not called you.” Two, three or even four days!  And they reacted to that by saying, Where have you been for the last 96hours without a text or a call?… Well what I have learnt over the years when involved with multiple ladies try as much as possible to balance all the relationships and don’t go awol on any try as much to give to all at least 40-45% attention to all if you so that one of the ladies doesn’t feel cheated and unattended to this would breed contempt and suspicion in the ladies mind leading them to become jumpy and then they start digging. Once you get to any of you girls you flatter them with words and little actions to calm them down or rather make her feel loved, wanted and cared for. Yet, you can continue to have love moments with other ladies.
  4. Always Claiming To Be Broke: Then they also pointed out the aspect of finance, saying that a man seeing multiple ladies will constantly tell either of the ladies when money issues come in that he is broke. “I wish you said earlier, I would have sent you the cash before I use in the other unimportant things” If the woman asks for cash after a weekend, he will claim he used all of it during the weekend. They try their best to evade money issues since it is expensive for them to fully take care of both ladies materialistically. Now this is quite a sensitive area I would rather not try to dabble to deep into because I don’t I have the right to tell you how to spend your money, or who to spend it with or for. But hey as a proper SNG you’ve to know how to strike a balance because at some point most definitely you have to spend on which ever lady you might be with, as long as you want them and love being with a woman.
  5. More Use Of Words Instead of Actions: Furthermore they said guys tend to use sweet words, more so love songs. They look for the most romantic and amorous songs to send to both of them. The ladies said guys would claim that’s how much they love them. Being the fact that ladies listen too much to their guys and to some blank promises they make, they fall for their words. Dear SNG true they’re getting smarter but we would just have to evolve too, first find out what your lady’s love language is, you just have to find out. Hear and listen a lot of the crap but be cautious. Be wise enough to make out time to per perform or give her love language be it gifts, quality time, Words Of affirmation.
  6. She’s My Friend:They also said that sometimes it will happen that either of the numerous ladies a guy is seeing will make a call to the guy in the presence of others. It is either the guy will not pick the call or he will pick it but ask to call back later. In other cases, the guy might pick the call, talk to the lady in a friendly manner and still claim she is just a friend. He might call her sweetheart but will try to defend himself that she has been a close friend to him for long. “If you think she is my side chic, then why am l here with you?’ He might calm you with those words. Well hello SNG best option don’t pick their calls in the presence of the other.
  7. Constantly Avoiding Publicity:In our era, most relationships have become too much of social media. Adding of photos of either partner for public view has become rampant. But men with more than one relationship try to avoid it as much as possible. He will not like his photo to be added on Instagram, Facebook or as a WhatsApp profile by any of the ladies. This is because it might evoke suspicion. Okay. You can continue to be undecided who to love but remember; love is not a confusion. Be smart enough to tell the ladies before you both get involved that you don’t like PDA, would appreciate if she doesn’t post your pictures. Be assertive about this. Photo Credit: Getty


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