That Sharp Naija Guy: 6 Smart Ways To Know A Slay Queen

Nigerians have literally bastardise the term ‘Slay queen’, to the extent that most ladies seems to love the tag. It is simply used to depict men or women who have a taste of high-end life which in most cases they can’t afford. Here is how you can identify the new breed of women in Naija commonly known as slay queens on social media.1. Makeup is always on point: Basically, to slay which is derived from “Slay queen” means to wear makeup and doing so perfectly. Therefore, A slay queen keeps on checking if the makeup is still intact. She has to keep up with all make up and accessories trends. That includes keeping tabs on all glam pages on Facebook and tutorials on YouTube.2. Always on social media: This is where they parade all their luxurious and expensive lifestyle. They use social media where they can control what they let you see, the way they pose pictures is wierd and laughable, pouted lips, curved legs, camel toe, tongue stucked out, snapchat filters all typical of a slay queen, the likes the get often in thousands help boost their morale and the validation they indirectly seek.3. Don’t use public transport…Uber and Taxify allowed: Slay queens are very special and cannot use public transport. Most of them are ‘delicate’ and they can’t use public transport. Anytime a man invites her out, she will always ask you for Uber or Taxify money yet she claim they do not use public transport.4. Their Language: You know she is a slay queen if you can’t keep tab with how many slangs she drops in under five minutes! They pay less attention to grammar and always end up using hashtags and shorthand when texting, reading a writeup from a slay queen is like speaking gibberish.5. Take pictures of food before they eat: One for the gram, of course. They want to project an image of how their life is cool and therefore they will not shy away from doing the extreme just to ‘fake it till you make.’ A story is told of an alleged slay queen who used to post photos of food she downloaded from the internet but claim she actually cooked it.6. It’s All About Me And My Brand: Sounds familiar right? Slay queens are very choosy and full of attitude. If she doesn’t want to be with you, you can easily tell from her actions. She will ignore your texts and will only revert when you ask her out for lunch or dinner. This is because she needs to post photos from that nice restaurant and flaunt on Instagram.Photo Credit: Getty

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