That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Things To Do To Get A Religious Girl In Bed With You

Religion is a touchy subject for many. And in terms of seduction, it can make even the ablest of seducers confused and frustrated. But the thing about religious girls, just like feminists, “perfect 10s,” models or any other out of the ordinary girl is that at the end of the day – they are still just girls. They still want to be loved and have amazing sex and be led by a dominant man. But if they are religious, they are told that they shouldn’t want the sex part; which creates a varied spectrum of life decisions depending on how devout a particular female is. So, today, I’m going to discuss how to get a religious girl laid, and how to deal with taking religious girls to bed… and what to expect if you choose to date them. As you steadily improve your skills with women and cultivate yourself as a stylish and powerful man, your standards for women who you will consider for long term relationships will steadily increase. Before I took to improve my own skills, I had been in a few serious relationships. And I would say that all but one of them were with girls that were high-value even for my standards today. And after eventually taking them to bed, the same thing happened every time. They turned into the wildest and sexual women I’ve been with to this day. Far and away. And I mean not even close.

  1. Patience: Now for any guy who intends to get down with a religious girl you’ve to be really patient a ready to go the first 2 months or maybe third and fourth without getting the honey. The number one thing with a religious girl is that she has been into a religion she the didn’t choose just like family, and have deep-sitted believes that are difficult to convince a person off on what she was missing out on. Now the truth here is that if you wait and practice this pointer given in this article and she still insists that she won’t give in for sex until after marriage bro move on life is too short.
  2. Attention: This is actually a general idea for any girl you want to be with, every girl wants attention, every girl wants to be treated like she is the only important girl in the world that matters to you. But a religious girl wants attention in her and in her values her beliefs, Now the question is, Is she worth you going to church with and all the extra religious curricular religion activities for. If you think she is then, of course, go ahead. Stay in the relationship give her lots of attention and remember to stay patient.
  3. Kiss, Make Out And Smooch: Now this is the point where you want things to get to and only if it gets to this point and has found common ground at this point does the relationship move top the next level. Now you must know this as SNG that girls like dominant men both in bed and in other life situations a man that can take charge and make them feel feminine. So when you and your girl get to this romantic points where you get to make out, kiss, get more intimate you would never know if she actually wants it or is just saying no sex just to look like a good Christian girl. 100% of the shot we never take we miss it, So be bold try unbuckle that jeans try finger and touch her privates fondle with her breast try to take off her pants but hey never do any of this in a rush and make sure she is completely into being sexual with you before you make all these moves, caress her body gracefully and intently, well just has a warning you might get bitch slapped while doing this. If she does say you’re sorry but you just couldn’t help it being in bed with an angel, a queen like her and not get crazily aroused and want her. But stop if she says you should. And Then reinitiate the whole process and try it again Persistence is key.
  4. Get Her Turned And Horny Then Stop: Now since, you’ve broken the ice and has been able to get far enough to the point where you can touch her privates with getting pushed off or held off to stop you’re definitely making progress now she would want to come over just to have that sexual feeling again that I can bet. When next you’ve her over reinitiate the process again as previously explained in the last point then just when you think or notice she is enjoying it stop! Yes, I mean it, Stop!… Now this may seem difficult but it works stop leave or pick up your phone, or a book try to do something that would make it look like you’re ignoring her she would come all over you asking why did you stop, what did she do wrong, don’t you find her sexy or attractive enough, the moment you put her in this state you in control, Tell her you stopped because you know if you continue nothing would come off it, so it was better you stopped before getting to far and raising your hopes and punishing yourself with heightened sexual desires that won’t be quenched. Now you’ve put it in her that she may lose you, and that you be put under a lot of sexual stress play to her feminine soft spot to get her to crack.
  5. Emotional Blackmail: Now this is the last pointer well I already explained some part of it in the last point, This is all about guilty tripping into submitting herself to you and freeing herself from her religious belief and her satisfying her human wants and urges…

Hope you enjoy our weekly articles on how to get laid with the lady of your dreams and fantasies its your one and only Mr Sharp Guy El Patron Omo Igboro, If you actually do enjoy our articles and learn a thing or two from it then share it with friends and invite them to read more interesting articles on our site. Photo Credit: Getty


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