That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Things To Do On The First Date So That You Can Get Laid

  1. Start The Date At Your place And End At Your Place:
    Tell her to come over and you’ll both go out from there. She doesn’t even have to come inside (though it’s good if she does, and she feels comfortable). At the end of the date, try and guarantee  you get her back to your place, if she has a car good, go out with yours  so that she would have to come back to you place to get her car, since thats where her car will be. From there, it’s easy to invite her in for one last drink…
  2. Don’t Talk To Much, But Listen To Her:
    Looking calm and reserved is a major attraction for a lady, and the ability to pay attention to her and actually listen to her; not putting her under too much pressure to impress you, then having conversation starters, then try notice what her interest are don’t ask questions about them, make statements about them that could spring up a conversation that could make you come close to her, once you can sit next or close enough to her that you can get to touch her shoulder, hands; right there start creating the sexual tension that would scrambles her clear thinking and puts you in control.
  3. Sit Close To Her And Don’t Be A Talking Head:
    Be prepared, Make plans that would make you guys sit close to each other; and if for certain reasons you couldn’t pile clothes on the couch to make you both sit close that can be remedy by only you by always moving and exchanging sits but in a cool and calm manner, so that you don’t look nervous, then finally sit next to her on the same couch, doing it with an engaging smile, while wearing a smothering daring look. Don’t be a talking head, don’t be a talkative and also don’t be boring you must know how to balance both, its the lady that you want to make nervous and make her make confused decisions. Make sure you touch her, caress her, gently massage her hand softly and gently. Make her feel like a lady, aim for feminine side.
  4. Create Sexual Intense Atmosphere:
    On most dates, the woman is going to make a “should we or shouldn’t we” decision at the end of the night. If you haven’t kissed her yet, then that’s what she’ll be deciding. Raise the stakes by getting the first kiss out of the way early— move in at one of the first emotional high points of the evening, she might turn you down but hey don’t be discouraged she would come around, the fact she came over to your place or agreed to go out on a date with you she likes you some extent and was already considering the level of sexual intimacy you both might get to. Now, you’ve created the sexual tension by sitting close to her and already putting your hands on her shoulders, gently caressing her shoulder, to her arms to her elbow, back to her shoulder to the nape of her neck, then very gently with upmost softness and sophistication start touching her ear as you pull in to kiss her then move in really fast but sexily while engaging her with your eyes then sex her as deeply as possibly as you can. Then make you’re the one who pulls out of the kiss, then look into her eyes again and go back in this time more intense, and you should start moving your hands around her body, in and around her sensual areas, the most sensitive parts. Thread carefully and be smart make sure you read every signal her body gives off.
  5. Take The Lead:
    Nervousness, frustration, and indecision are very unattractive qualities in a man, especially on a first date. This is your opportunity to show her that you can handle whatever life throws at you with presence and poise. Plan the date, have backup options, and trust yourself. If the night feels comfortable to her, she will feel comfortable—And she would let you have a taste of the honeypot.

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