That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 “Red Flags” That Means She Has To Go

Yo! What’s Up me people so today have decided to raise some burning issues of interest that actually trended on Twitter which was represented with the “#RedFlag”.

So last week it was Naija guys against Naija girls talking about things that are red flags practically meaning deal breakers for them not to go into a relationship, it was spurned with a lot of comical nuances but a lot could be picked from it.

Some women are content to be takers, either giving nothing back or offering too little in return, compared to what they get from their romantic unions.

It’s about time you got better from your relationship, too. So you should let any woman go who refuses to do for you, any of the five things listed below abeg #Red Flag #Pak and Go.

  1. She Doesn’t spoil you

Really, men deserve to be spoilt, too. And while this does not take away from the duty you owe your woman to spoil and make her feel like a queen at all times, it still needs to be said that you, too, need pampering, surprise dates, visits to exotic places, and other affordable comforts that tallies with your present position in life.

2. Doesn’t support you

She should be your number one support and cheerleader. Women are actually quite good at this. If yours isn’t and doesn’t look interested in changing anytime soon, let that woman go, abeg or rather you should bounce her out the door!

You really need and deserve someone who stands by you through the journey to greatness, just as you should be on her journey to hers.

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Since we are here, it is important for you to realise that your woman’s life and yours can run concurrently. Never allow her to abandon her dreams for yours, neither should you be the one to douse the fire in her eyes. That’s waaaaay worse.

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3. Doesn’t give you peace of mind

Women need peace of mind from you in the sense that you give them the opportunity to trust your loyalty to them, and your unwavering faithfulness to them.

But guess what? They owe you this duty too! You don’t need a woman who constantly has something to complain about, who lacks the emotional intelligence required to keep you happy, unstressed, mentally stable and content with life.

4. Respect!!! 

Do I need to increase the volume for this please you both need to respect each other appreciate the extra little efforts put in by both party a little thank you here and there counts a lot? And this probably goes most to the ladies loose that damn sense of entitlement whatever he does for you especially if you both are not married like say he gives you allowances or gets you gifts he does it because he wants to not because he has too. Let that sink. like the popular saying Respect is reciprocal. She gives you yours and she deserves hers, too.

Black couple having an argument

5. She Doesn’t Give You Sexual Satisfaction

This last point Omg! it gets me most worried upset, women overrate the importance of having a vajayjay. They think all they need do during sex is to just lay there and let you have your way and maybe give you a blowjob sometimes thinking that is a gift or a once a while thing if she thinks like that damn that’s a bloody #RedFlag brother Bounce her As*. They believe that ‘giving’ it to you is enough work already.

But of course, that’s not enough and you deserve better than a woman who offers nothing but wack sex ewwww! and refuses the chance or put in any effort to grow out of it and improve her skills in bed.

Just as an extra so lately I found out that half of the Naija babes I have been with don’t even know when or how they climax like seriously just take your time out and ask them during or after sex if the came, they just go dumb. Can someone please tell them that making love goes beyond them just having a Vjay they need to know how to use it work that Ass* on the D**k.

A lot is entailed in having a great sex nipple twisting tickling for the guy, tongue the tip of his penis, rub it against your clit, the speed of her movement if she is on top, some speed is needed when grinding, and hey! don’t just do 10 hops and u say you’re tired Haaaaaaaa! behave yourself na.

A word they say is enough for the wise, catch y’all my good Gees next week. Photo Credit: Getty


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