That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Should Have Other Male Friends While Dating You

Well, this is quite hard. Despite the feeling of ownership that come along with almost every relationship, all Nigerian guys have to own-up to the fact that your girlfriend is not your property. She is a human with a free will of her own. You are bound to run into a very rough patch in your relationship if you attempt to influence her decision with any form of veto power.
The fact that she has to live with your female friends while nursing a deep sense of jealousy is a standing reason for her to do the same thing to you while you also contain the unquenchable sea of jealousy in your heart.
The core nucleus of any and every relationship is trust. You need to trust your girl. If you can’t trust her, then there is no point holding on to the relationship. You must learn to trust her even while you are not with her, and if indeed you trust your girl, then you shouldn’t have a problem living comfortably with the 101 guys in her life.
Despite the great fear that seize a guy when his girlfriend has more of male than female friends, there a good number of advantages that third-party male friends from your girl’s side can add to your romantic relationship. These advantages include:
1. Protection: Though all guys naturally feel obligated to be responsible for their girlfriends protection, a lady need personal male friends in her residential area to protect her from instantaneous dangerous incidents that can possibly harm her while you are away. No man born of a woman will ever dare to lay his hand on your lady while her male friends are watching.
2. Close-Monitoring: Ladies are naturally loyal to ladies, and guys are loyal to guys. You partner’s male friends might just turnout to be your standby monitoring team that checkmate her movements while you are away. However, you need to make her male friends your friends too – if you intend to exploit this advantage.
3. To intercede for you while you are away: If you play your cards right, her male friends might also take on the role of an advocate for you in times when she is having second thoughts about your relationship. Though her female friends might also speak in your favor while you are away, there is every possibility that they will sell their loyalty to you for a box of goodies when a potential girlfriend poacher comes around to sway them in his favor.
4. To assure her of the confidence you have in her: When you partner notice that you don’t feel threatened when she hang out with her male friends, she will feel rest assured that she has won your trust. This will in-turn reduce the level of insecurity that spur up in her mind when you hangout with your female friends.
5. To test her loyalty: You girlfriend hanging out with other guys can be easily compared to a sheep hanging out with wolves. The only difference is the fact that, her close friends are less like to adopt an aggressive approach to their plan of stealing her from you. Her ability to stay loyal to you despite the fact that she hangs around with guys that are arguably better than you, will go a long way in revealing her level of loyalty to you.
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