That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Reasons Why She Can’t Sleep Over, Except For Weekends

Hello SNGs, sorry our site has been down for the last 50 hours we had some system server upgrading and maintenance we had to fix, but hell yeah we’re back and its another Wednesday, so this week we’re discussing about reasons why if you still want to maintain your SNG Status Quo, you, must know and be ready to discipline yourself well enough that no lady can get to spend more than a night at your place. Women, Ladies are very emotional beings and read way more meaning to the littlest of things you do, so when you let a lady, you probably have been seeing and maybe being having regular sex with sleep over at your place after sex and not because her place got burnt down or burgled you’re about to loose you SNG status, and about to change your Facebook status to “In A Relationship”. Sex is a great feeling, probably one of the best sensation you can ever get when with any human, most especially with a woman, but once the sex is over you have to know how to get her out of your bed and back to her place; because once she sends the night, here are the next 5 things that happens and would f*** Up your SNG Status and space:

  1. Sends Wrong Signals: Once a lady gets to spend the night at your place, multiple different signals gets to run through her head, she begins to ask herself what are we to each other, this is getting serious, he really likes\love me, h wants me to be by his side when he wakes up in the morning, trust me this are just a few of the questions that would be filtering through her head, a lot more are there and except you’re really ready to answer this question you most definitely don’t want her there find a way to get her home safe, and if you can’t do that don’t sleep in the same bed with her except you both smashing all night long.
  2. Once She Sleeps Over, She’s Getting Too Comfortable: Once she starts spends the night more frequently she is getting too comfortable and you’re no longer in control, and she starts making the space, in feral sense she starts marking the territory; she starts leaving things over first is her toothbrush, then the hair net, then her earrings, her under-wears issshhh, once it gets to that point you just lost your territory and any right to call yourself a sharp Naija guy, if you still do the SNG things then you’re just a cheat and don’t play by the rules. Do not let it ever get this far she can spend one night over on some occasions but never let it get too frequent. If You do still want some control you can only allow her spend the night twice or thrice in a month no more no less. 
  3. Late Night And Early Morning Talks: Once she starts spending the night over more frequently then the late night talks starts and you start getting to talk about things that creates connections, and in the mix the “What Are We” question pops up, and right there you’re in trouble. Also the early morning sex is usually great and very soothing what a great way to start your day but hell what comes after is the early morning talks too where you both start share secrets and create more chemistry now this two are are a dangerous combo for your SNG status. Do not engage in or encourage such discussions even if she does spends the night sleep of immediately after, and if its in the morning get out of the bed immediately after sex or rather go have another round of great sex in the bathroom and then get her out of your apartment.
  4. Signs Of Commitment: To every lady once you start letting her spend the night over, and you both had a great time and the late night talks kicks in bro you just got roped in and you had better start preparing yourself for a more committed relationship and get out of the SNG club.
  5. Blocks Space Against Having Other Girls Over: Once a girl/lady gets comfortable enough and starts spending the night over more frequently, where gets to spend at least 3 nights in a week at your place you just lost your ability to have other ladies over, because most definitely she would be popping in so much more regularly without letting you know or without prior notice because in her head you just really serious and that makes things gets way fuzzy.Photo Credit: Getty


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