That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Reasons Sex Is Really “Not-So-Important” In Your Relationship

In almost all Nigerian romantic relationships and marriages, sex has been dramatically secluded as the most important activity the couple/lovebirds engage in together.

Some guys have clearly reinstated the fact that they will cheat on their partner(s) if she attempt to deny them of the 18+ act. Ladies have also resounded the extreme importance of the act to them. But the big question is this: Is sex really this important? Below are five interesting facts that reveal why sex is really not so important as it has been displayed to be:

1. It is not the most precious part of your relationship: When you reminisce on the priceless moments you shared with someone you love, your mind does not automatically spring back to the sex round you had together. If at all you remember the sex rounds, they will never take the place of the romantic hangouts and events you attended together.

2. Sex is not a do-or-die case to both parties: We can both agree on the fact that you don’t have sex with your casual friends to establish a bond with them. Sex is great in romantic relationships, but it is not a pivotal foundation upon which you should decide how close you keep your lady to your heart.

3. It is not the key to happiness in your relationship: Many Nigerians believe that gain peace and happiness from sex. But the truth is, sex and happiness are not connected at all. There are lots of happy people who don’t have a lot of sex, or don’t have it at all.

4. It create a chain of complex emotional reactions: Sex drastically change the orientation of lovers, especially when they enjoy it severally. Ladies tend to have the impression that guys lose interest in them after having sex together.

5. The pregnancy and STD factor: This is by far, the most crucial reason why people tend to shy away from premarital sex. Pregnancy carries a ton-load of complications with it, while STD’s can eventually claim the life of the individual involved.

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