Thursday, October 21, 2021

That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Hot Tips That Will Help Every Nigerian Guy To Manage Multiple Relationships At Once

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Taking a swerve from the good and loyal conduct expected from all men by their partners, almost all Nigerian guys have dreamt of maintaining two lovers at once.
Few guys have successfully turned this dream into a reality while many others lost both relationships when they got busted by the two ladies.
Succeeding in this quest has always been an experience enjoyed only by the grand masters in the world of dating. Always until now. Below are five hot tips that can easily help all Nigerian guys to manage two or more relationships at once.
1. Avoid Using The Same Romantic Plan In Both Relationships: Try as much as possible not to take “lady B” to the same romantic spot you usually attend with “lady A”. You must resist all temptations to use the same pattern in both relationships. If Lady A really enjoyed the time you had together in one location, she is more likely to visit the place regularly “with or without you,” so as to refresh her memories of the romantic moment. You won’t really want her to catch you red-handed if she happen to be at the same spot when you brought lady B there.
2. Your social circle with both ladies must not run into each other: Divide your clique of friends into two. Familiarise one group with lady A and the other with lady B. Ensure that the two social groups never run into each other. For Example: Familiarise your colleagues at the office with lady A and your home town buddies with lady B. Ensure that the two clique of friends never have anything to do with each other.
3. Own two mobile phones: Over 50% of Nigerian guys already have two phones, so this wouldn’t really be an uphill task for you. Save the phone number of Lady A in phone 1 and the phone number of lady B in phone two. Ensure that both parties are not aware of the phone that is not connected to them. Only flaunt phone 1 in front of lady A and phone 2 in front of lady B. They will scrutinize your phone when you are not aware and you can bank on the fact that they will find nothing.
4. Do not operate any mobile device when you are drunk: Alcohol has a funny way of exposing the deepest secret of all men, and I am pretty sure that you would not want it to expose the existence of lady A to lady B. The easiest way to handle this unpredictable incident is to avoid operating your mobile phone when you are drunk.
5. Protect both relationships from your social media accounts: Your social media account has the greatest potency to leak your secret than any other platform. To maintain both relationships, you need to keep your romantic life off social media. Don’t upload the picture of either of the two ladies on any social media account. Not even on their birthdays.
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