That Sharp Naija Guy: 5 Advantages Of Being The Side Guy

Being the side Guy is the dream, Especially when you’ve more than 1, or 2 side chicks and you know how to manage your emotions, time and the type of attention they all need, this is the highest level of sexual connection without any commitment, you get to smash regularly actual its when the main Dude isn’t around though or when they’re having a fight you’re the first person she would run-to, when this  happens you must be the listening hear she wants but your compensation for listening is a hard, smashing booty call. Now the onus is on you to make sure its a memorable one, crazy romantic, do all of those things the main dude does’t do, but make sure you don’t make it too lovey-dovey thats not your job here, but make sure you smash her so hard her womb would move 5 inch into her small intestine, thats what she’s here for. Here are the 5 main advantages of being the The Side Nigga;

  1. Less Need To Pay And Carter For Her Attention: Every guy prays for this, but the only position you can get this is if you’re the Side Guy, you don’t have to deal with her bullshit, her lies, or her unnecessary cravings for attention, or have to watch ZeeWorld and Telemundo with her, thats the job of the boyfriend or the main guy. You just have to be the guy that shows up when she wants to smash, when she’s horny you just damn need to be there and whip out your wood and put it in all of the right places both with your hands, lips, tongue and yeah with that your Nigeria Eba power rod doing it taking her to the moon and back. Or wouldn’t you rather want to be the guy she chats with when she’s bored, the guy that she sext late into the the night.
  2. Less Necessary The Need To Pay Her BillsAnother major high point of being the side nigga is that you’re under no major pressure to pay her bills or have to deal with her financial needs, if you’re good at your game she would even foot your own bills, al just have to do is know how to smash her brains out, non-stop, be the guy who would be available when needed and knows when to disappear, when necessary.
  3. Be The Shoulder She Can Cry On or Be Her Solace:Now this can be stressful and maybe this is the most difficult part of being A Side Guy but you just have to deal with it not because you’re in Love but because of what comes after, most especially if the main guy is acting up. You have to be there and available to receive her and listen to sad story, make sure she doesn’t make you feel to guilty about things, give her a nice meal, hold her close touch her gently, soft gentle kisses on the forehead make her feel like a woman advice she takes a bath, get in the bath with her and have a smothering bathroom sex with her under the shower, make her forget her troubles. Now after the smash you send her along and back to her guy, So as to prevent affections from developing to points of loss of control, as proper SNG you can’t develop any feelings the if not once you start getting too attached you’ve broke Guy Code.
  4. You Are Incognito: You never have to worry about being caught with another girl because she’s worrying about the same thing with her man. She sweats every time she gets an unexpected call thinking her boyfriend is coming to see her earlier than expected. On the other hand you’re trying to go 3 rounds in the sack and show her that piledriver move you just learned on pornhub.
    You can do whatever you want and she can’t say anything so you are free to mess around with other girls and avoid her calls or text if you got other girls lined up.
  5. Unlimited Booty: If you are as Sharp Naija GUY who knows his way with girls, you will take full advantage of this and turn being the side guy into a blessing. If you are a lot of girls’ side guy, you will have an unlimited supply of Punani. You will never have to worry about having having a dry d**k syndrome again, (Symptoms include cobwebs, bush all over, dust and dandruff flying out of your boxers every time you pull your trouser down just to take a piss). If your Smashing game is on point, you could have Taiwo on Monday, Halima on Tuesday, Cynthia on Wednesday, Toyosi on Thursday, Ekaete on Friday and Osas on Saturday. Obviously you should take Sunday off to recuperate because that’s the Sabbath and the Lord said “And on the 7th day I rested,” Well if you don’t want to then call Chioma Over and have that famous Sunday after Church smash😅…. Photo Credit: Getty


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